How much more?

“You need your lower leg to be 50% stronger” Belinda said in my lesson. Good grief! That means I have only half of the strength needed now and need an improvement of 100% I pleaded to be let off and said that my physio had cautioned me against doing any strengthening exercises . However when I saw my physio at the beginning of this week and told her what Belinda had said she looked me in the eye and said: “Belinda is right. You do need more strength in your legs and also your core.” She then gave me about 15 exercises to accomplish those things. Here is a 30 second video of a lesson before I injured my lower back. I can hear how often Belinda speaks about my leg. More leg than hand is the way to go.


6 responses to “How much more?”

  1. Avatar

    I know how you feel, but you have to strengthen your legs more to help you control yourself better. It’s important for both of you too.

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      I know it is. I am working at it with some thereunder exercises at home. Thanks for commenting 🙂

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  2. workinacresnothours Avatar

    Drats you shouldn’t have told the physio anything you could have got away with it. Well for a little longer. lol. You look so good.

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      I am sorry to say the physio and my coach are right. I do need more leg strength! If I want to get him up in the bridle and the poll the highest point i must push with my leg. If I do that then bingo up comes the head,neck, and shoulders!No rein aids are needed.

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  3. Alli Farkas Avatar

    Oh dear, I got a similar message this week. What makes it difficult for me is my wide-body horse and my short legs…not to mention that said horse is more of a push ride. We’re working on getting a prompt response to seat and leg. The endless journey 🐴

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      Yes. It is an endless journey. I thought I had replied to your comment earlier but it seems it vanished. No matter ,I have long legs and a medium width horse and he gets very hot and going forward but I have to use my legs effectively to keep him up in the neck head and shoulder and all of that has to come from my legs aids not from rein aids. Carry on Alli! ;we are all in this togehter!🐴

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