Anne Leueen is a “vintage” dressage rider who began riding in Vancouver, BC, Canada where she grew up. Initially she rode in the jumper and eventing world. She stopped riding while at university and did not ride, other than occasional trail riding when she was living in England, for thirty years. She took it up again at age 50, when her daughter became passionate about horses and riding. Her daughter was a dressage rider and Anne  felt that was a suitable discipline for a ‘vintage’ rider.  She credits her riding and relationship with horses as having helped her through an encounter with cancer that happened shortly after she started back to riding.

Anne Leueen lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband David. Her current equine partner is Biasini, a Hanoverian gelding who is a dressage expert and  often wonders why Anne  doesn’t just let him make all the decisions about what to do and where to go.

Biasini and Leueen
Biasini and Anne

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