• The day’s Good News and Bad News!

    The day’s Good News and Bad News!

    I started the day with a Press Conference at Wellington International the home of the Winter Equestrian Festival. WEF. The Press Conference was to give the media information about the upcoming $500,000 Rolex Grand Prix CSI 5*. Forty of the top horses and riders in the world will compete for the top money. This is…

  • Wordless Wednesday

    Wordless Wednesday

  • Lost in the Maze!

    Lost in the Maze!

    I am not the woman in purple lost in that maze but sometimes I feel like I am. At the end of last week Biasini’s right front leg was puffy. I got the vet out and he was jogged . At first Lynsey thought she saw some uneveness in his stride. But the vet said:”That’s…

  • Monday Portrait. March 27

    Monday Portrait. March 27

    A Florida Ibis. They poke that long beak down into the grass and this one,in the photo above,found something and has it in his beak.

  • Silent Sunday

    Silent Sunday

  • Bird of the Week.

    Bird of the Week.

    I saw Bushboy’s Bird of the Week and was inspired! This heron is standing in the pond at the barn where my horse is living, for the winter, in Wellington Florida. The original inspiration comes from :Don’t Hold your Breath Bird of the Week.

  • FOTD:Here’s looking at you kid.

    FOTD:Here’s looking at you kid.

    Seen at a horse show at White Fences Equestrian. I thought this looked like a pair of eyes looking at me. “Here’s looking at you kid!” My response to Cee’s Flower of the Day challenge.

  • #BeTheChange


    Originally posted on HorseAddict: This year the Great Charity Challenge took place on February 4. The Challenge raised $1.7 million to be distrubuted to more than 50 Palm Beach Charities. This year the hashtag “BeTheChange” was to inspire people to volunteer to assist these organizations that help many people in need in the local community.…

  • CDI 5* at Wellington International.

    CDI 5* at Wellington International.

    In the usual course of dressage events we watch the Grand Prix Freestyles at the Global Dressage Festival stadium. But yesterday the culminatation of the Grand Prix classes was held in the International Arena at the Wellington International showgrounds. This is usually the arena for the big jumper competititons. But this week the jumps were…

  • Book Review: In Plain Sight by Anna Rashbrook

    Book Review: In Plain Sight by Anna Rashbrook

    What ever has happened in the past is always subject to memories,interpretations. and reactions. A writer can take events and twist and change them to his own will. And this is what I am doing now using the past to create a new story that holds on to the turth as far as it can…

  • Thursday Trio

    Thursday Trio

    The other day,after I had given Biasini his bath, I took him out to handgraze him and let him dry off. As we came out of the barn I saw these three flowers. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and snapped a photo. This will be perfect for Mama Cormiers Thursday Trios I…

  • Lens Artists Challenge The road most often taken.

    Lens Artists Challenge The road most often taken.

    This week John has asked us to show our most often taken “road” with regard to photography. Of course mine is photos of horses. Most of these photos are of horses in competition. My subjects are always moving and this ads to the challenge of getting just the right moment. But I really enjoy it.…

Got any book recommendations?