The flowers knew it was coming!

Last Saturday, May 21, started off so pleasantly. The sun was shining and there was no sign of what was to come. But then I looked down at the aquilegia ( columbine) . All their little heads were turned down. At around 1pm our phones began to shriek an alert. Severe weather Take shelter immediately!…


Yesterday around 1pm we had a major storm come through . Winds were up to 120kph. Trees came down and took power lines with them. A tornado sliced through a town near us and the Township has declared a state of emergency. Our power went off around 1:30 pm. It is still out now more…

A Family Weekend!

I enjoy the weekend coffee shares of some of the bloggers I follow. So when we spent a day with our daughter and her family last Sunday I thought I could share it and invite you for a coffee or tea ! Our daughter lives about two hours away from us so we left Sunday…

May 16 FOTD Violets!

The violets are blooming. They may be tiny but I think their color and beauty make up for the fact that their size makes it difficult to pick them. Here are a few that I brought in from our garden. I also submit these photos to Cee’s Flower of the Day photo challenge.


Do these clouds foretell a change in the weather ? I took these photos in the afternoon. Now it is sundown,but so far, no thunder and no rain. Perhaps tomorrow? The sun and the blue sky and warm temperature are all nice but those clouds….disquieting.

A Forest Trail Ride.

To break up the arena work I like to have a day when Biasini and I just go for a walk in the forest. This week we had a real treat waiting for us. First we set off on one of the wider trails. We travelled along the goat trail and then at the end…

I’m a Fan of Star Magnolia!

Outside our kitchen eating area there is a star Magnolia. Just a week ago it looked like this. Then we had some sunshine and warmer temperatures. And now… The whole tree is covered in beautiful starry blooms. Here is closer look. This is why I am a fan of Star Magnolia. This is my selection…

Biasini Speaks: A product review.

Hello Dear Humans. Usually Ma Leueen writes all the reviews of products but this time I am going to give my opinion. The product is made by Omega Alpha and it is called Gastra FX. I know you are amazed I could spell those words. Truth be told Ma Leueen typed them for me. Anyway……..

Monday Minstrel: Bucephalus and LAPC #198

What does the horse of Alexander the Great, Bucephalus, have to do with this week’s Lens Artists Photo Challenge? The challenge from Patti is Light and Shadow. Here is the reason it is relevant to this famous horse. Alexander the Great managed to tame the Thessalian horse.No one else had been able to do this….