• Age is more than just a number.

    Age is more than just a number.

    To keep the heart unwrinkled—to be hopeful, kindly, cheerful, reverent—that is to triumph over old age.” – Thomas Bailey Aldrich All those people who say “age is just a number” are likely to be less than 40 years old.Or at least less than 50. Tomorrow I will be 74 years old and I am here…

  • One Word Sunday:Light

    Chelsea ,London, the Royal Hospital. My response to Debbies One Word Sunday challenge Light.

  • Book Review: Riding Through My Life. HRH the Princess Royal.

    Book Review: Riding Through My Life. HRH the Princess Royal.

    If you are a horse person you will love this book as I did. If you are not , you will find an interesting read about a very unique woman .

  • Thursday Doors

    Thursday Doors

    Hanoi Vietnam To see more Thursday Doors click the link below. https://nofacilities.com/category/thursday-doors/

  • Some interesting horse history.

    It seems that the people who had some of these Spanish horses were fleeing religious persecution in Spain. History repeats itself over an over and these horses were part of it.Do click ” continue reading” for the whole story and to find out where the descendents of these horses are now. Photo is copied from…

  • Bird of the Week: red breasted woodpecker.

    Bird of the Week: red breasted woodpecker.

    We put out oranges cut in half for the Baltimore Orioles . But this week I saw a Red Breasted Woodpecker pecking happily at the oranges. The red-bellied woodpecker(Centurus carolinus) gets its name from a red patch on the lower abdomen but this is seldom visible in the field. According to the Audubon Field Guide…

  • Biasini Speaks: My Favorite time of day.

    Biasini Speaks: My Favorite time of day.

    Hello Dear Humans! Let me tell you about my favorite time of day.It’s at the end of the day and Barn Manager Carl comes into my stall to put on my night time BOT quick leg wraps. Then lots of times he gives me a nice crunchy snack. Yummy! It’s not like I’m having to…

  • I’m Home!

    I’m Home!

    I was discharged from the hospital yesterday and sleeping in my own bed last night. The surgeon was very happy with how the surgery had gone. All my vitals were normal and so I was released! YAY! I now have a two wheeled walker which is not my favorite!! I cannot carry anything while using…

  • A Break from the Blog.

    A Break from the Blog.

    For the next few days I will be absent from the blogosphere. Once I have had my hip surgery and am somewhat recovered and home from the hospital I will be back. In the meantime thank you all again for your good wishes,postive thoughts and prayers. I very much apprciate them.

  • Monday Portrait

    Monday Portrait

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  • What Moves Me?

    What Moves Me?

    Michele Lee of My Inspired Life announced a blog challenge at the end of April. We were challenged to write about a physical activity that we enjoy and write a post with a photo of the activity and write (not to exceed 300 words) a poem or prose to describe it. I doubt anyone reading…

  • One Week to Go!

    One Week to Go!

    One week from today I will be in the OR getting my worn out hip socket liner replaced. It has served for 21 years so it doesn’t owe me anything.As the plastic particles from its disintegration are circulating around my hip joint and causing problems I will be happy to be getting a new socket…

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