Bloggers Recognition Award!

I am honored to be nominated for a Bloggers Recognition Award by Susmitamukherjee of Uniquesus. I urge you to take a look at this blog. Susmita writes poetry and prose. The short stories are really very good ; they take you into the world that Susmita creates and carry you along and then…..there is an ending that…

Monday Minstrel: Quote-Dr.Seuss

“WHY FIT IN WHEN YOU WERE  BORN TO STAND OUT?” —Dr. Seuss       This colorful fellow stands outside the Dunkin Donuts in Wellington Florida. The quote from Dr. Seuss is painted onto his side. How appropriate!  

Milkshake- A Million Dollar Pony

Originally posted on raiseyourdreamsfarm:
“Dan, this pony is so ugly. I am afraid the kids will get scared,” I complained to my husband on the end of the line. ? “I feel that God is impressing to me that you should go ahead and buy him,” he said. ? My husband knows nothing about horses,…