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  • My Amazing Horse!

    My Amazing Horse!

    Today I had the pleasure of watching Lynsey Rowan have a lesson from Belinda Trussell on my horse Biasini. Of course I would like to be riding myself but to be honest watching is a great joy . The lesson started with canter work. What did I hear Belinda say most often? Ride with lots…

  • Letting Go! Lynsey Rowan rides Biasini.

    Letting Go! Lynsey Rowan rides Biasini.

    Self Carriage.!

  • Here’s the Upside!

    Here’s the Upside!

    I know that I am off with my hip fracture and that is not great but today I got to watch Lynsey Rowan ride Biasini in a lesson with my coach Belinda Trussell. That is the upside of the injury to my hip. What a treat it is to watch a talented professional ride my…

  • Muscle Memory…At Last

    Muscle Memory…At Last

    New muscle memories are becoming more automatic. At last!!

  • It’s up to me to get it right!

    It’s up to me to get it right!

    In my lessons recently my coach Belinda Trussell has been emphasizing is that I must give with the reins. Give before every half halt, give before every transition up or transition down, give before every movement. The problem I had was that once Biasini was fired up I would give and he would speed up.…

  • “There’s a fire behind you!”

    “There’s a fire behind you!”

    This week I learned that there is no time to think. I must just act! “Ride like there’s a fire behind you.” My coach Belinda Trussell said this several times in my lessons. “Ride with more urgency” Ride as if there is a fire behind me? This is not about getting Biasini to go faster.…

  • Olympian pretending to be a horse?

    Olympian pretending to be a horse?

    The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new!  Socrates When I was a kid I used to pretend to be a horse. I would be cantering around the living room and occasionally rearing up like the Lone Ranger’s horse Silver! But I…

  • Details!


    “Details create the big picture.”

  • How much more?

    How much more?

    “You need your lower leg to be 50% stronger” Belinda said in my lesson. Good grief! That means I have only half of the strength needed now and need an improvement of 100% I pleaded to be let off and said that my physio had cautioned me against doing any strengthening exercises . However when…

  • Why Less is More.

    Why Less is More.

    He only needs the lightest of aids.

  • This is not a perfect. This is a practice.

    Blogger Sarah Davis, the Yoga Cowgirl, shared a post that explained that she uses the phrase “this is not a perfect this is a practice” when teaching yoga. The phrase leapt off the page for me. I had a riding lesson /training session the next day. The phrase travelled through my mind often as I…

  • Sharpen the Pencil!

    Sharpen the Pencil!

    Belinda Trussell teaches me how to keep the pencil sharp!