What do you do for sore muscles?

I will explain at the end of this post why I am asking this. So, tell me, what do you do if you have sore muscles perhaps from too much gardening or too much of a gym workout? I think the answer depends on how important your body is too you. If you are an…

The Changing Seasons

Just after Christmas I went out with Biasini to the forest trails. There was about a foot of fresh snow. It was like riding through an Enchanted forest. Here is the Enchanted Forest in December And now here is the same trail in April. I have added a voice over thanks to the suggestion of…

How to use Herba Coat in winter.

Does your horse have dry skin in winter? Dandruff? Dry rubbed spots from blanket wearing? I think most of us who have horses in colder winter climates deal with all of these problems. I have found a product that helps a great deal. Omega Alpha’s Herba Coat. Herba Coat is usually an after bath conditioner….

Doing it Alone

Emergency lockdown. No riding lessons allowed. I am “doing it alone.” And how is that going? Sometimes good, sometimes not so good. Monday I got on Biasini and started to walk around the arena. We got up to the far end and his head shot up in a Giraffe imitation and he began to snort….

The Uber Model loves the Forest Trails.

I call the horse ,whose real name is Touch Me Marso, the Uber Model. This is because he has such fabulously long legs and is so tall and elegant. Look at him. And yes, that is me sitting up there on him. My coach, Belinda Trussell, was showing last weekend so she asked if I…