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  • What do I miss most?

    What do I miss most?

    If you follow this blog you will know I am not able to ride due to a hip injury and having worn out my 20 year old replaced right hip. Since riding is a huge part of my life not being able to ride has brought up some interesting things in my psyche. There are […]

  • Naturally Brown Sunday Stills.

    Naturally Brown Sunday Stills.

    Biasini has had his winter coat clipped. Horses grow in a thicker winter coat but if they are in work and training then they sweat and it is hard to get them dried off enough to put on their blankets for the nighttime. Biasini’s legs have not been clipped and will keep his legs warmer […]

  • Where did I find more leaves?

    Where did I find more leaves?

    Friday was my day to ride Biasini in the forest trails. I set out with two others and we went into the forest trails. It was a perfect day with mild temperatures and a light breeze. When my other two companions had to return to the barn Biasini and I continued on. We were out […]

  • Ask and you shall recieve!

    Ask and you shall recieve!

    First the arena work and then……

  • Biasini Speaks: I’ve had a good week!

    Biasini Speaks: I’ve had a good week!

    I have had a good week this past week. I have been ridden twice by Coach Belinda and, as you know, I work hard for her. Then one day Ma Leueen took me for a walk in the forest. That is something I always enjoy. Assistant Trainer Lynsey also took me to the forest on […]

  • Monday Minstrel: What to do on a  cold damp day.

    Monday Minstrel: What to do on a cold damp day.

    But in the forest there was no wind, it was quiet and peaceful.

  • I’m Not a Quitter!

    I’m Not a Quitter!

    I was sitting having a coffee in a small café in the town near us. I looked over to their poster board filled with numerous cards and advertisements and my eye was caught by a photo of Terry Fox. He was a young Canadian who lost a leg to cancer and set the goal of […]

  • Back to Work!

    Back to Work!

    This past week Coach Belinda Trussell and also Assistant Trainer Lynsey Rowan had me back to work on Biasini. For the first time in almost three months I was sitting the trot and cantering. And taking instruction about half halting and giving with the contact! I did not suffer any discomfort in my injured hip […]

  • Biasini Speaks: Listen Up Humans!

    Biasini Speaks: Listen Up Humans!

    Hello again Dear Humans. I think you all know that Ma Leueen is back doing a bit of riding on me. I am happy to have her back and she tells me that many of you have commented on that and told her I would be happy .Well I am happy! I am still working […]

  • Back on the Goat Trail!

    Back on the Goat Trail!

    Today I had the chance to take Biasini out for a forest trail ride. I decided to go on the Goat trail. If you follow this blog you will know that for Biasini and me this trail is our favorite. You will also know that there are no goats on this trail. We call it […]

  • Compare and Contrast, Then and Now.

    Compare and Contrast, Then and Now.

    Look at this car from the 1950s . No horse could have those colors. Oh…yes they could! Look at this! What about this? What about the coaches that took groups of people from one place to another like this colorful bus? Horses drew “bus” carriages as well . What about the heavy duty transport like […]

  • So many spider webs.Why?

    So many spider webs.Why?

    I kept having to brush off spider webs.Why were there so many?