This week the main emphasis in my lessons has been on releasing the aids as soon as Biasini responds. If I push with my ankle I must release that push the instant he moves forward. But if he does not respond I must maintain the aid,keep it on until he gives me the right answer.Then…

It’s up to me to get it right!

In my lessons recently my coach Belinda Trussell has been emphasizing is that I must give with the reins. Give before every half halt, give before every transition up or transition down, give before every movement. The problem I had was that once Biasini was fired up I would give and he would speed up….

Pinch that grape!

What does pinching grapes have to do with dressage? Let me explain. My coach Belinda Trussell wants me to half halt without using my hands. She told me to pinch a grape between my shoulder blades. That pinching of a little grape, a small movement but a powerful one, can produce a signal that is…

Ride like Raffa!

I have been a fan of tennis star Raphael Nadal for many years. It is not only that he has overcome injury and come back or that he is a brilliant tennis player but mostly because of his attitude! Recently I was listening to a radio report on the Australian Open . It was after…

“There’s a fire behind you!”

This week I learned that there is no time to think. I must just act! “Ride like there’s a fire behind you.” My coach Belinda Trussell said this several times in my lessons. “Ride with more urgency” Ride as if there is a fire behind me? This is not about getting Biasini to go faster….