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  • The “Baby” Aids

    The “Baby” Aids

    Riding just using ‘baby’ aids.What does this mean? In the lesson with Belinda Trussell that I watched last week Belinda often told Lynsey Rowan to just use a ‘baby’ aid with Biasini. What I understood this to mean was to use a very small and light aid. If you get the response you want then…

  • Monday Portrait

    Monday Portrait

    Biasini has done his work for the day. Lynsey will take him for a walk to relax and then he gets his bath, some hand grazing with his ice boots on and then….dinner!

  • What did I learn today?

    What did I learn today?

    Before I get into what I learned today I want to show you two photos. The first is of Biasini warming up in the trot. He is stretching down and has a nice swinging in his back. In the photo below Biasini is cantering in his “up” frame. but Lynsey still has to keep him…

  • Today’s lesson: The Intermediare 1

    Today’s lesson: The Intermediare 1

    Today Lynsey had her lesson with Belinda Trussell.Lynsey and Biasini warmed up in the covered arena. At the trot Lynsey encourages Biasini to stretch down and she does rising trot to let his back swing. Belinda commented on how much she liked the trot and how nicely Biasini was swinging though his back. Lynsey let…

  • Competition Prep has begun!

    Competition Prep has begun!

    Today I watched a lesson with Lynsey riding Biasini and preparing for the upcoming horse show in 2 weeks. They began with a warm up in the covered arena. Canter work came first. “More snaffle”Belinda said to Lynsey. “More snaffle.Ride the snaffle.No left-right.” This means she wants to see Lyndsey riding with little to no…

  • Krista stands in for Lynsey.

    Krista stands in for Lynsey.

    Lynsey went home to Ontario for a few days and while she was away Krista Pollock rode Biasini.On Saturday they had a lesson with Belinda.”What would you like to work on?”Belinda asked. “Nothing! I don’t want to work on anything” Krista replied. I laughed and said:”You’ve been talking to Biasini. Maybe he doesn’t want to…

  • Part 2. Lynsey and Biasini Lesson

    Part 2. Lynsey and Biasini Lesson

    After doing some work in the covered arena Lynsey suggested they go to the outdoor arena. For a show the warm up is in one ring and the tests are ridden in another. So it is a good idea to practice changing arenas. They decided Lynsey would ride the trot tour of the Prix St.George…

  • Lynsey and Biasini: a lesson with Belinda.

    Lynsey and Biasini: a lesson with Belinda.

    Today I watched Lysney ride in a lesson with Belinda Trussell. They did a warm up in the covered arena and I took some video with my phone. Belinda was teaching using her Cee coach mic system. My phone was not able to pick up her vocals well enough as she is not amplified as…

  • My Amazing Horse!

    My Amazing Horse!

    Today I had the pleasure of watching Lynsey Rowan have a lesson from Belinda Trussell on my horse Biasini. Of course I would like to be riding myself but to be honest watching is a great joy . The lesson started with canter work. What did I hear Belinda say most often? Ride with lots…

  • What is that “Certain Age”?

    What is that “Certain Age”?

    Recently I read this in Horse Sport magazine. How old is a woman of ‘a certain age’? According to a 1995 column in the New York Times, “only a Nosy Parker would try and find out.” A joke, of course, but one from a (hopefully) bygone era when women felt pressured to be coy about their…

  • How to ride the Inter 1 Zig Zag

    How to ride the Inter 1 Zig Zag

    This week I asked Lynsey Rowan to show me the Intermediare 1 Zig Zag. This movement was always one that I struggled with when I was competing in the Inter 1 in 2019. I used to dread it when I knew it was coming up in the test. This is a tricky movement. Starting with…

  • How important are rewards?

    How important are rewards?

    Watching Lysney Rowan ride Biasini something struck me. She always lets Biasini know when he is doing something good. She will give him a pat or a rub on the withers or a word of encouragement a “good boy”. Here is a video that shows her asking for a collected canter. Biasini responds well and…