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  • Belinda Trussell and Biasini- Dressed in Blue.

    Belinda Trussell and Biasini- Dressed in Blue.

    On Monday Biasini and Belinda did not speak, in advance, to coordinate their wardrobes. But Super Groom Lexi had Biasini in a lovely Parisian blue Equestrian Stockholm saddle pad and Belinda was wearing teal blue t-shirt. What a pair! Belinda started Biasini in stretching trot. Then she moved on to canter, forward and back. Then…

  • Belinda Trussell: Attention to Detail.

    Belinda Trussell: Attention to Detail.

    Today I watched Belinda ride Biasini.I have a new walker and he had to come over and give it a good look when I first came into the arena. I took my seat and watched while Belinda warmed him up. I know I have taken photos of the stretching trot but here is a short…

  • Belinda Trussell Rides Biasini.

    Belinda Trussell Rides Biasini.

    Is there a plus to having a fractured hip?

  • Energy in! Energy out!

    Energy in! Energy out!

    So much energy needed….!

  • How much more?

    How much more?

    “You need your lower leg to be 50% stronger” Belinda said in my lesson. Good grief! That means I have only half of the strength needed now and need an improvement of 100% I pleaded to be let off and said that my physio had cautioned me against doing any strengthening exercises . However when…

  • Belinda Trussell trains the Passage.

    Belinda Trussell trains the Passage.

    Here is the FEI definition of what is required for a passage ( pronounced pasahhje) The passage is a measured, very collected, elevated and cadenced trot . It is characterized by a pronounced engagement of the hindquarters, a more accentuated flexion of the knees and hocks and graceful elasticity of the movement Each pair of…

  • “More Activity!”

    “More Activity!”

    “More Activity” Belinda said as I cantered past her. She did not mean I should get Biasini to go faster or more forward. The activity she wants to see is in his hind legs. His hind end is where he must be more active. This past week I have been getting on Biasini and warming…

  • Why Less is More.

    Why Less is More.

    He only needs the lightest of aids.

  • I’m on the Bench . But Belinda rides Biasini!

    I’m on the Bench . But Belinda rides Biasini!

    I was so proud of my horse!

  • “It Gets Easy Later”

    “It Gets Easy Later”

    “It gets easy later.” These are the words of Bob Westman who coaches Paralympian Marissa Papaconstantinou. Marissa won the bronze medal in the T-64 100 meter Dash! She had to come back from two bad hamstring injuries and her coach always said :”It’s hard now but it gets easy later.” I found this an interesting…

  • From Pony Club to Proud

    From Pony Club to Proud

    Never give up. It can get better!

  • Every Split Second!

    Every Split Second!

    “The quicker you can correct him in these split seconds he’s not going to get away.” This was the quote from my coach Belinda Trussell, in last week’s lessons, that has stuck in my mind. Belinda does not mean he will run off with me when she says Biasini will ” get away”. She means…