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  • Who am I anyway?

    Who am I anyway?

    Who am I anyway? Am I my resume?

  • How much more?

    How much more?

    “You need your lower leg to be 50% stronger” Belinda said in my lesson. Good grief! That means I have only half of the strength needed now and need an improvement of 100% I pleaded to be let off and said that my physio had cautioned me against doing any strengthening exercises . However when…

  • “You won’t like your video.”

    “You won’t like your video.”

    I have no lesson video this week. I had a conversation about the video Belinda had taken in my lesson. The conversation went like this. Belinda:”You won’t like your video. But there were good moments in between. “ Me: “But you didn’t get those moments, the good moments, on the video?” Belinda: “No , I…

  • Why ride zig-zag canter poles?

    Why ride zig-zag canter poles?

    This looks like such a simple exercise. Four canter poles laid out on the center line of the arena in a zig zag pattern . Here is a photo of the poles and how you ride them in a series of roll backs. A few years ago, when I was recovering from a surgery, I…

  • Perseverance!


    I must do it now!

  • Only 45 minutes to get to FEI level.

    Only 45 minutes to get to FEI level.

    Ride from the ground? Allow the student to assess their ride and comment? At the start of my Friday lesson my coach Belinda Trussell asked me what was the teaching method that worked best for me. We both agreed that as a visual learner I benefit from watching videos of my lessons and Belinda had…

  • Naima Moreira Laliberte: One day at a time to Tokyo 2020.

    Naima Moreira Laliberte: One day at a time to Tokyo 2020.

    At age 12 Naima saw the dressage in the 2008 Olympics and she was hooked!

  • Biasini and Me…Puttin’ on the Ritz!

    Biasini and Me…Puttin’ on the Ritz!

    This past weekend I debuted my Intermediare 1 Freestyle. If you follow this blog you will know that my coach Belinda Trussell and I have been working on it for a few months now: choosing music and choreography with the help of Karen Robinson of Applause Dressage. And finally the time arrived to actually go…

  • Let’s Dance!

    Let’s Dance!

    Biasini has his dancing shoes on! I’ve got my tailcoat! We are ready to enter at A and dance down that centerline. So we will be absent from the blogosphere and social media for a few days while we focus on that at the show. Have a great weekend and see you all next week!

  • Kindred Spirits.Anton and Me.

    Kindred Spirits.Anton and Me.

    “You and Anton are kindred spirits.” My coach Belinda Trussell said this to me on a day she had been riding her Grand Prix mount Anton. “Is that because we are both ‘elders’?” I asked. “It’s because you both have so much energy! And because you are both older.” Belinda replied. WHO IS ANTON? Belinda…

  • Solving problems before they become issues!

    Solving problems before they become issues!

    I think that anyone who watches this video will enjoy it whether or not they ride, or have a horse, or even know any horses. This video is of German Olympian Isabel Werth riding Emilio, in the Grand Prix Freestyle, at the German Dressage Championships. Isabel is the most decorated equestrian in the world and…

  • The Weight of the Reins

    The Weight of the Reins

    How much do your reins weigh? Well this could be a deeply metaphorical image for getting your life under control but fear not….I am just talking about the reins in your hands when you ride a horse. In dressage the ultimate goal is to have the contact with the horse so light that you only…