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  • My Amazing Horse!

    My Amazing Horse!

    Today I had the pleasure of watching Lynsey Rowan have a lesson from Belinda Trussell on my horse Biasini. Of course I would like to be riding myself but to be honest watching is a great joy . The lesson started with canter work. What did I hear Belinda say most often? Ride with lots…

  • Back to Lessons!

    Back to Lessons!

    My lessons are only 25 minutes at the moment and Belinda or Lynsey will warm him up for me and get him “switched on”! But I am working on getting my stamina back so I can get back to the full 45 minutes . But there is some real value to these short lessons. I…

  • Learning how to be light and quick!

    Learning how to be light and quick!

    He loves to pull like a freight train.But what must I not do?

  • Muscle Memory…At Last

    Muscle Memory…At Last

    New muscle memories are becoming more automatic. At last!!

  • Simple is not always easy.

    Simple is not always easy.

    Such a simple exercise but not an easy one!

  • Pinch that grape!

    Pinch that grape!

    What does pinching grapes have to do with dressage? Let me explain. My coach Belinda Trussell wants me to half halt without using my hands. She told me to pinch a grape between my shoulder blades. That pinching of a little grape, a small movement but a powerful one, can produce a signal that is…

  • “There’s a fire behind you!”

    “There’s a fire behind you!”

    This week I learned that there is no time to think. I must just act! “Ride like there’s a fire behind you.” My coach Belinda Trussell said this several times in my lessons. “Ride with more urgency” Ride as if there is a fire behind me? This is not about getting Biasini to go faster.…

  • Energy in! Energy out!

    Energy in! Energy out!

    So much energy needed….!

  • Details!


    “Details create the big picture.”

  • How much more?

    How much more?

    “You need your lower leg to be 50% stronger” Belinda said in my lesson. Good grief! That means I have only half of the strength needed now and need an improvement of 100% I pleaded to be let off and said that my physio had cautioned me against doing any strengthening exercises . However when…

  • That Goldilocks bend!

    That Goldilocks bend!

    “One millimeter more bend. Keep the activity! And the bend! ” These are the words of my coach Belinda Trussell during my lesson on Thursday this past week. One more millimeter? Not too much, not too little, just the perfect amount of bend. Just like Goldilocks’ porridge the bend has to be just right. It…

  • “Anything is Available.”

    “Anything is Available.”

    “Anything is available.” This is not a philosophical reflection on life or an inspirational quote. It is a comment from Belinda Trussell in my dressage lessons. If I am walking Biasini and go to pick up the trot. Belinda will let me know if I do not plan that departure! I will get a comment…