Color Your World Chestnut

It will not come as a surprise, to anyone who knows me, that the Chestnut in my World is my beautiful horse Biasini. Biasini is a huge part of my life and I am grateful for him every day. When I saw that Tourmaline’s Color Your World challenge was Chestnut and Copper it was easy…

A Square Viewed

I am hastily joining the “square gang” devised by Becky at The Life of B. Her lines and squares challenge will end on October 31 and , time flies, we are almost there. So here are my “squares”. Squares in London are green spaces which may be open to the public or are restricted for…

Color your World: Black

This week Tourmaline has given us the challenge of the color BLACK! Here is my response. The beauty of a black horse.

Pull up a seat!

“When you are on a great horse, you have the best seat you will ever have.” Winston Churchill For me the horse is the best seat I can ever have. The horse gives me wings to go places I cannot go on my feet alone. So the seat on a horse, in the saddle, is…

All Lined Up!

When things are all lined up there is a feeling of satisfaction in seeing them looking so neat and so ready for some kind of action. Judy Dykstra-Brown at Life Lessons Blog is running a photo challenge from May 27 to June 6 on the topic of ‘all lined up’. Here is my response… Now…


Aerial is the Travel With Intent One Word Sunday Challenge. Usually “aerial” is a photo taken from above but I am responding with some horses who are “aerial”.

Which Way ?

Which Way Photo Challenge Which way? Across the Albert Bridge in London? Up the stairs to the roof of the White Tower at the Tower of London? Or through the forest with my horse Biasini? Or get out of the “way” of the charging knight and horse in armour! Which Way Photo Challenge