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  • Geometry

    Geometry! Not my favorite subject in school but this week Patti has given us the Lens-Artists Challenge of Geometry. When I thought about it I realized that the discipline of Dressage has a lot of geometry in it. The dressage arena is a rectangle : 20 meters by 60 meters. At the lower test levels…

  • Enter at A

    Enter at A

    Every dressage test, from training level to the Grand Prix starts with the horse and rider entering the ring at the letter A. Whether you are riding in a show at your local club or in the Olympics you enter at the letter A. So when I saw that this week’s Lens-Artists Challenge #126 from…

  • Now and Then

    Now and Then

    This week Amy has given us the Lens-Artists challenge of Now and Then. Amy was looking at how life was before the Pandemic and how it is now. What a thought provoking topic. At first I was not sure how I would approach it. But then I thought about what I was doing in November…

  • Found in the Neighborhood.

    Found in the Neighborhood.

    This week Ann-Christine has given us the challenge of what we find in our neighborhood for the Lens-Artists Challenge # 123 My response is to give you the North, South, East, and West of my neighborhood. These photos were all taken this morning with my phone. We had the first snow and I thought: “Well…

  • Lens Artists Challenge #118 Biasini Speaks about Communication

    Lens Artists Challenge #118 Biasini Speaks about Communication

    We horses don’t speak but we do communicate.

  • Creativity in the Time of Covid

    Creativity in the Time of Covid

    This week the Lens Artists Challenge is Creativity in the Time of Covid given to us by Tina at Travels and Trifles. One area of creativity that I have found during this pandemic is improving my photography and taking photos of things I do not normally take photos of. I did an online course with…

  • Winter!


    Ann Christine has given us Lens- Artists #107 Challenge Winter. While I may think photos of winter are very pretty and picturesque winter is not my favorite season. I do not like the cold. I do not like driving in icy conditions or heavy snow. I do not like riding my horse in the cold…

  • Spring into Summer

    Spring into Summer

    This week Tina has given us the Lens-Artists Challenge #105 . Spring. I am going to cheat a bit as last week was summer and today I am going to submit photos taken in the spring and the same plants or locations taken in the summer. I took the photo of the summer corn last…

  • One Single Flower LAPC#101

    One Single Flower LAPC#101

    I had to step out of my photography comfort zone.

  • Horses! Horses Everywhere! But nary one to ride.

    Horses! Horses Everywhere! But nary one to ride.

    This week Amy gave us the Lens-artists Challenge “At Home”. I don’t have my horse at my home and with the lockdown continuing I am still not able to ride. But as I walked through my home I realized there are many horses. Here are two greys painted by Mabel Hollams. When I am very…

  • Good Morning!

    Good Morning!

    “Let us then be up and doing, With a heart for any fate, Still achieving, Still pursuing, Learn to labor, And to wait.” The words of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and the ‘first thing in the morning’ enthusiasm of our little mini-Schnauzer June seemed to be the ideal response to the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge “Morning” given…

  • Looking Back to Happy Memories

    Looking Back to Happy Memories

    This weeks Lens Artists Photo Challenge comes to us from Journeys with JohnBo. Since most of us are in lockdown he invites us to ‘go back’ and visit places through our photos. As many of you know I am missing my horse Biasini. He is only 15 minutes away by car but due to the…