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  • A Forest Trail Ride.

    A Forest Trail Ride.

    To break up the arena work I like to have a day when Biasini and I just go for a walk in the forest. This week we had a real treat waiting for us. First we set off on one of the wider trails. We travelled along the goat trail and then at the end…

  • Biasini Speaks: I’ve heard all about it!

    Biasini Speaks: I’ve heard all about it!

    They throw themselves off a platform high up in the air…..

  • The Changing Seasons

    The Changing Seasons

    Just after Christmas I went out with Biasini to the forest trails. There was about a foot of fresh snow. It was like riding through an Enchanted forest. Here is the Enchanted Forest in December And now here is the same trail in April. I have added a voice over thanks to the suggestion of…

  • The Goat Trail is Open!

    The Goat Trail is Open!

    With so much locked down the Goat Trail is still open!

  • The Outdoor! The Lockdown!

    The Outdoor! The Lockdown!

    Monday, April 5th, 2021 was a beautiful sunny day. I rode Biasini in the outdoor arena, my first time this year in the outdoor. A few weeks ago this arena was under two feet of snow. Then came the thawing and melting and it resembled a small lake! But now Carl, the barn manager, has…

  • The Perfect Antidote!

    The Perfect Antidote!

    45 minutes when I did not think about anything but the trail.

  • The Uber Model loves the Forest Trails.

    The Uber Model loves the Forest Trails.

    I call the horse ,whose real name is Touch Me Marso, the Uber Model. This is because he has such fabulously long legs and is so tall and elegant. Look at him. And yes, that is me sitting up there on him. My coach, Belinda Trussell, was showing last weekend so she asked if I…

  • Biasini Speaks: Happy Trails

    Biasini Speaks: Happy Trails

    Some humans should get out more!

  • My Sanity Saver!

    My Sanity Saver!

    I’ve had a bit of an ‘interesting’ week so far. Now, let me be clear, I just mean somewhat stressful, nothing like what people in Beirut are struggling to deal with in the aftermath of their disaster. No! My problems are small by comparison and in truth I lead a charmed life. But on Wednesday…

  • Biasini Speaks: Which Way Did We Go?

    Biasini Speaks: Which Way Did We Go?

    Hello Dear Humans! I have had a lot of demands made on me lately. Coach Belinda seems to be full of energy and is asking Ma Leueen to insist that I work to my absolute best. All the time. Not so much as a single stride for me to take a break. If I hear…

  • Ridin’ the Range Once More!

    Ridin’ the Range Once More!

    Back in the saddle again, just like Gene Autry!

  • Looking Back to Happy Memories

    Looking Back to Happy Memories

    This weeks Lens Artists Photo Challenge comes to us from Journeys with JohnBo. Since most of us are in lockdown he invites us to ‘go back’ and visit places through our photos. As many of you know I am missing my horse Biasini. He is only 15 minutes away by car but due to the…