It’s up to me to get it right!

In my lessons recently my coach Belinda Trussell has been emphasizing is that I must give with the reins. Give before every half halt, give before every transition up or transition down, give before every movement. The problem I had was that once Biasini was fired up I would give and he would speed up….

Belinda Trussell : Horses, Competitions and Time Management!

Last year Canadian Olympian Belinda Trussell was not in Florida for the winter show season. But she’s here this year and I was able to ask her some questions about her horses, her competitions and how she manages her time. 1. Last year, with the border closed, you were not able to come to Florida…

Belinda Trussell: Competing at Global.

The next day Belinda competed in the Intermediare 1. Belinda plans to do more showing with Lana and I will be posting an interview with her before their next show.

Megan Lane: Back in the Competition Arena!

Last year some Canadians still came to Florida to compete despite Covid. But for various reasons others did not. Canadian Olympian Megan Lane was one who did not. I recently had a chance to ask her a few questions about how it feels to be back in 2022 competing at the Adequan Global Dressage Festival….

Olympian pretending to be a horse?

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new!  Socrates When I was a kid I used to pretend to be a horse. I would be cantering around the living room and occasionally rearing up like the Lone Ranger’s horse Silver! But I…


“Details create the big picture.”

“It Gets Easy Later”

“It gets easy later.” These are the words of Bob Westman who coaches Paralympian Marissa Papaconstantinou. Marissa won the bronze medal in the T-64 100 meter Dash! She had to come back from two bad hamstring injuries and her coach always said :”It’s hard now but it gets easy later.” I found this an interesting…

This is not a perfect. This is a practice.

Blogger Sarah Davis, the Yoga Cowgirl, shared a post that explained that she uses the phrase “this is not a perfect this is a practice” when teaching yoga. The phrase leapt off the page for me. I had a riding lesson /training session the next day. The phrase travelled through my mind often as I…

“You won’t like your video.”

I have no lesson video this week. I had a conversation about the video Belinda had taken in my lesson. The conversation went like this. Belinda:”You won’t like your video. But there were good moments in between. “ Me: “But you didn’t get those moments, the good moments, on the video?” Belinda: “No , I…