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  • CDI 5* at Wellington International.

    CDI 5* at Wellington International.

    In the usual course of dressage events we watch the Grand Prix Freestyles at the Global Dressage Festival stadium. But yesterday the culminatation of the Grand Prix classes was held in the International Arena at the Wellington International showgrounds. This is usually the arena for the big jumper competititons. But this week the jumps were…

  • I Have Good News!

    I Have Good News!

    First of all I want to thank all the WordPress bloggers who sent positive vibes,healing vibes and positivitiy for me and Biasini yesterday. The vet came this morning and started by palpating the leg. It did look a lot better today I should add. Then we went out to the driveway and the vet’s assistant…

  • The Understudy Steps Up!

    The Understudy Steps Up!

    My coach Belinda Trussell had entered a show at the Global Dressage Festival . She was entered in the Prix St.George class. But the horse she had entered was not able to compete today. So the Understudy had to step up. This was a big step for the Understudy. He has never competed at the…

  • A great score! But what was the BEST thing?

    A great score! But what was the BEST thing?

    Today Lynsey Rowan rode my horse Biasini in the Prix St.George at the Global Dressage Festival. They executed a lovely mistake free test and it was a joy to watch. But the thing that meant the most to me was that Lynsey told me that when she came out of the ring she said to…

  • Biasini Speaks: Look at my trot!

    Biasini Speaks: Look at my trot!

    Hello again Dear Humans . Trainer Lynsey has been riding me this week and she had me do some Peeaff. Ah….Ma Leueen says it is spelled piaffe and it is not a word that I am allowed to use my own spelling. Lynsey didn’t have me do this piaffe thing because I am going to…

  • My Photographic Groove!

    My Photographic Groove!

    Anne Sandler, of Slow Shutter Speed blog, has given us this weeks lens artists photo challenge. ” What is your photographic groove? Well, it is not hard for me to answer that. Horses and horse photographs. When I started blogging I quickly realized that taking photos of horses was not so easy. They are always…

  • The “Baby” Grand Prix.

    The “Baby” Grand Prix.

    This test is the introduction to the Grand Prix work,

  • Consistency!


    “Trust is built with consistency.” Lincoln Chafee When I watch Belinda Trussell or her assistant trainer Lynsey Rowan ride my horse Biasini, I am always admiring how great Biasini looks and how they are able to do exercises, that I find so difficult, with apparent ease. I know they are professional riders who ride several…

  • “Amazing!” Belinda Trussell and Biasini.

    “Amazing!” Belinda Trussell and Biasini.

    At the end of the ride Belinda said :”He feels amazing.”

  • It’s up to me to get it right!

    It’s up to me to get it right!

    In my lessons recently my coach Belinda Trussell has been emphasizing is that I must give with the reins. Give before every half halt, give before every transition up or transition down, give before every movement. The problem I had was that once Biasini was fired up I would give and he would speed up.…

  • Belinda Trussell : Horses, Competitions and Time Management!

    Belinda Trussell : Horses, Competitions and Time Management!

    Last year Canadian Olympian Belinda Trussell was not in Florida for the winter show season. But she’s here this year and I was able to ask her some questions about her horses, her competitions and how she manages her time. 1. Last year, with the border closed, you were not able to come to Florida…

  • Belinda Trussell: Competing at Global.

    Belinda Trussell: Competing at Global.

    The next day Belinda competed in the Intermediare 1. Belinda plans to do more showing with Lana and I will be posting an interview with her before their next show.