The Understudy Steps Up!

My coach Belinda Trussell had entered a show at the Global Dressage Festival . She was entered in the Prix St.George class. But the horse she had entered was not able to compete today. So the Understudy had to step up. This was a big step for the Understudy. He has never competed at the PSG level. But Belinda’s coach Debbie Macdonald was certain he would be able to do it and do it well.

So this morning at 9:21 AM the understudy came down the centerline and started his first time in the test.

The extended trot ( above ) was good. The shoulder in (below) was also good.

The volte was also good.(below) and the extended walk did not show any tension.

Next came the canter work. The half piroettes were good too.

The tempi changes ,threes and fours were all clean and good.

After the final halt and salute a big whoop of joy and celebration went up from Belinda’s supporters. The Understudy had done very well indeed and had not shown a moment when he looked like he was stressed or confused. The Understudy stepped up and showed us he could do it! The Understudy and Belinda scored 70.441! A very good score for the Understudy’s first time out at this level.


8 responses to “The Understudy Steps Up!”

  1. J.W.S. Avatar

    Nicely done.

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  2. Deborah Avatar

    Under Coach Belinda’s steady hand, was their any doubt they wouldn’t do well? I think not. Any horse with Dave in their name is going to do well. 🙂 🐎🐎:)

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  3. Pepper Avatar

    Great job by the Understudy and Belinda as well. 😊👏🏽

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  4. Emma Cownie Avatar

    Well done to Understudy. Is that his name? or just his title?

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      Itis his title. His name is Diamanten Dave

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