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  • Discouraged? What comes next?

    Discouraged? What comes next?

    The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need tomorrow. Robert Tew This past week I have had a struggle with my riding. I had one lesson this week when I could not get it together. My coach Belinda Trussell is always encouraging. But she also tells it like it is. Here is…

  • Facts about riding the Hot Tamale Horse!

    Facts about riding the Hot Tamale Horse!

    A Hot Tamale horse! This is not a reference to the physical temperature of the horse but it could refer to the horse being “spicy”. In my lesson with my coach Belinda Trussell this week Biasini became a Hot Tamale Horse! He is not a horse that has a “hot” temperament but he can become…

  • I Have Only Got a Minute!

    I Have Only Got a Minute!

    “I think you do better under pressure.”

  • My last lesson until….?

    My last lesson until….?

    Well, we are now in the second State of Emergency since the Covid Pandemic began almost a year ago. What does this mean for me? It means I can still go to the barn and ride Biasini as we are permitted to “care for and ride our animals”. But lessons are not permitted. I believe…

  • Perseverance!


    I must do it now!

  • The last lesson of 2020

    The last lesson of 2020

    I recognized the devilment of the exercise!

  • Riding the Dressage Horse like a Western Reiner!

    Riding the Dressage Horse like a Western Reiner!

    I was having trouble with the shoulder in. Coach Belinda Trussell recognized what the problem was. “You are using too much inside rein. Try using both reins and neck rein him like a Western horse.” I did that but the inside are was still too dominant so I took my whip and held it horizontally…

  • Straighten Up and Fly Right!

    Straighten Up and Fly Right!

    Last week my coach Belinda Trussell took a video of me riding down the long side in shoulder-in, turning onto the centerline to half pass left. When I watched he video I was shocked! For the first two or three strides of the half pass I was tipping over to the right. Whaaaat? We were…

  • From Pony Club to Proud

    From Pony Club to Proud

    Never give up. It can get better!

  • Ride the Aid!

    Ride the Aid!

    Ride the aid. In one of my lessons this week my coach Belinda Trussell told me to “ride the aid”. What does this mean? When I give Biasini an aid I must be ready to ride the response. Is the response the one I wanted? Yes? Then ride it and remove the aid. If it…

  • Fast Twitch Dressage Muscles!

    Fast Twitch Dressage Muscles!

    OK! last week I posted abut Extreme Dressage and this week I bring you Fast Twitch Dressage. For me the concepts of Fast and Slow Twitch muscles were things that belonged to the track and field world. Think sprinter versus marathon runner. My coach Belinda Trussell decided this past week that what she wanted me…

  • Extreme Dressage.

    Extreme Dressage.

    The term “extreme sports” usually denotes high risk with the athlete risking injury and possible death. Things like running a marathon across the Gobi Desert or in equestrian sport the higher levels of cross country in eventing. So when my coach Belinda Trussell told me on Friday we would be having an “extreme lesson” I…