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  • Festival of Leaves Week 6

    Festival of Leaves Week 6

    As you can see, week 5 was indeed my last week as I predicted it would be. This is the same section of road I have shown each week for the Festival of Leaves. We still have two smaller and younger trees with leaves. We planted these two maples when the older ones had to…

  • The last of the leaves. Week 5.

    The last of the leaves. Week 5.

    This is week five of the Festival of Leaves. I think it may be my last week as the leaves are falling fast. Here is a photo of our road taken at the same spot as the previous weeks. You can see that several branches are bare. This next photo is taken of the trees…

  • Morning Light on Autumn Leaves.

    Morning Light on Autumn Leaves.

    This is a sight that never fails to lift my spirits.

  • Festival of Leaves: Week 2

    Festival of Leaves: Week 2

    This year, for the Festival of Leaves 2022, I am taking up the suggestion of a fellow blogger to show the changes from one week to the next in photos of the same trees. So here are the trees on our road. The second photo is looking out across the neighbours corn field to the…

  • Festival of Leaves, The Finale!

    Festival of Leaves, The Finale!

    Our neighbours, who are across the street from us, have the best display of fall color in the entire neighbourhood. The other trees along the road have already shed most of their leaves. On a walk through town I saw this. Leaves reflected in the glass door. Thank goodness for my cell phone camera to…

  • The Leaves Last Dance!

    The Leaves Last Dance!

    This is my final entry to Dawn’s Festival of Leaves. Today the lads who cut our grass came to clear off the fallen leaves. One has a big leaf blower and blows the leaves to the south edge of our property. The leaves danced across the driveway as if they were happy not to be…

  • Happy Places and Hideaways

    Happy Places and Hideaways

    Nature is undaunted by the pandemic.

  • The Leaves! The Colors! and the Geese!

    The Leaves! The Colors! and the Geese!

    The Canada geese are gathering and getting ready to fly South,

  • Autumn


    This week Patti has given us the seasonal challenge of Autumn . These photos are my response. Autumn is a beautiful time of year in Ontario. The weather is still mild and the humidity has dropped down . The trees put on glorious display. But….the one thing I do not like about autumn is that…

  • Fall


    This week Dutch Goes the Photo has the photo challenge of Fall. Here is my response. I love this photo and it is a header on my blog site. This photo was taken a couple of years ago in October. Now the leaves in the forest are still green with us here but within a…