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  • I Have Good News!

    I Have Good News!

    First of all I want to thank all the WordPress bloggers who sent positive vibes,healing vibes and positivitiy for me and Biasini yesterday. The vet came this morning and started by palpating the leg. It did look a lot better today I should add. Then we went out to the driveway and the vet’s assistant…

  • What a difference a day can make!

    What a difference a day can make!

    As I was preparing to go to the barn, in good time, to get Biasini to the show for his Intermediare 1 test, my phone rang and I saw it was Lynsey. Immediatley I suspected that something was wrong. It was. She told me that Biasini had a puffy right front leg. They had jogged…

  • Todays’ Test was a Triumph!

    Todays’ Test was a Triumph!

    Today Lynsey Rowan rode my horse Biasini in the FEI Prix St.George dressage test. I know from when I have ridden him in the competition arena that he can get very strong and start to pull like a freight train! But today I could see there was none of that. His frame was in the…

  • Monday Portrait

    Monday Portrait

    Biasini has done his work for the day. Lynsey will take him for a walk to relax and then he gets his bath, some hand grazing with his ice boots on and then….dinner!

  • The Understudy Steps Up!

    The Understudy Steps Up!

    My coach Belinda Trussell had entered a show at the Global Dressage Festival . She was entered in the Prix St.George class. But the horse she had entered was not able to compete today. So the Understudy had to step up. This was a big step for the Understudy. He has never competed at the…

  • And now…..

    And now…..

    I can honestly tell you that last weekend while getting Biasini to the show and watching Lynsey ride him through two tests, I did not think”Gosh I wish I was showing”.Not once. It never even crossed my mind. I should be clear that I have done lots of showing in dressage for over 20 years.…

  • Biasini Speaks: About My Ribbons and my Treats Ball!

    Biasini Speaks: About My Ribbons and my Treats Ball!

    Hello Dear Humans. I have a day off after the show. Ma Leueen tells me she has filled you in on all the details of my stellar work at the show the past two days. I had a grand time. It was hot but I don’t mind the heat.I did my best in the tests…

  • Another Great Day!

    Another Great Day!

    Today Lynsey Rowan rode my horse Biasini in the FEI Intermediare 1 test at the Global Dressage Festival in Wellington Florida. This test is more difficult than the Prix St. George that they did yesterday. It has a more complicated canter half pass zig zag with three half passes and flying changes in between each…

  • Almost There!

    Almost There!

    Tomorrow is the day for Lynsey Rowan and Biasini to go down that centerline and perform the FEI Prix St.George Dressage test. So today we went to the Global Dressage Festival showgrounds to acclimatize Biasini. Sounds easy enough but it is a complicated business. I have not been in a show myself for three years.…

  • The Eternal Quest of Dressage.

    The Eternal Quest of Dressage.

    Many years ago my daughter and I took lessons with a trainer who used to say that the important thing in dressage was to ” Control less and Create more ” At the time I didn’t really grasp this importance but now many hours and years of dressage riding later I understand how important this…

  • Biasini Speaks: My Day Off

    Biasini Speaks: My Day Off

    Well Dear Humans after I told you about having to work 6 days a week my Humans; Ma Leueen and Trainer Lynsey decided that as I am a Senior horse of 18 years I do not have to work for all those days. So now I get TWO days off. Today was one of them.…

  • What did I learn today?

    What did I learn today?

    Before I get into what I learned today I want to show you two photos. The first is of Biasini warming up in the trot. He is stretching down and has a nice swinging in his back. In the photo below Biasini is cantering in his “up” frame. but Lynsey still has to keep him…