Belinda has been tireless encouraging me to persist.

‘Brilliant’ or ‘Real Life’?

“Which horse will I get today?” That was what I asked myself when I arrived at the barn today. You can never be 100% certain with horses. This past week my horse Biasini had been a couple of different horses. We have cold weather and that means he will always have a lot of energy….

Do It Anyways!

This week my coach Belinda Trussell has been getting me to make up my own mind about what needs to be done every moment of my riding. Does Biasini need a half halt? A correction? Belinda is resisting telling me what to do and watching to see what my decisions are. So I have to…


I have a debt of gratitude to pay for all the help I received at the show last weekend. So let me start… BIASINI I thank my horse for working so hard and listening so well. He has been working with me for several months to get ready for this show and our freestyle. In…

Biasini and Me…Puttin’ on the Ritz!

This past weekend I debuted my Intermediare 1 Freestyle. If you follow this blog you will know that my coach Belinda Trussell and I have been working on it for a few months now: choosing music and choreography with the help of Karen Robinson of Applause Dressage. And finally the time arrived to actually go…