Sunday Stills

Some non-competing horses at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center !

Color Your World Chestnut

It will not come as a surprise, to anyone who knows me, that the Chestnut in my World is my beautiful horse Biasini. Biasini is a huge part of my life and I am grateful for him every day. When I saw that Tourmaline’s Color Your World challenge was Chestnut and Copper it was easy…

Candid Moments Captured

This week Ann-Christine has chosen “Candid” for the Lens-Artists Challenge #67. Not many of the photos I take are of candid moments. Although it could be argued that all horse photos are candid as they are not “posing” for them. But I decided to go back through my files and find some candid photos. I…

Filling the Frame

This week the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #66 is “Filling the Frame”. Here is my response. Thank you Patti Moed for this challenge.

A Side View

This week Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge is the “Side of Things”. When I saw this challenge I immediately thought of a wonderful photo, taken by my friend Connie Gee, at the show I competed in with my horse, Biasini, last weekend. So I am using Connie’s photo for my response to this challenge….

Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge

This photo was taken at a competition that was deluged with rain. You can see the grey specks of rain drops against the black horse. I edited this photo in Lightroom Classic to remove any color from the background and left only the red on the horse’s bonnet. I think the Animal challenge was a…

There is Magic Here!

That I can take my horse out into the forest and know that he will enjoy it as much as I do .Magic. That huge draft horses are willing to work for us and pull wagons and listen to our instructions. Magic. Horses go into the biggest of competition rings and do their best for…


This week’s lens-artists challenge is Silhouettes. Here is my response. Sunrise this morning. The view from our kitchen window.