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  • Horse and Rider

    Horse and Rider

    “Horse and Rider as one”. This was a perspex frame that was in our gift bag at the Wellingtn International Press Conference last week. I assume since Captive One is at the bottom it was sponsored by them. To be “one” with your horse is the ultimate goal of all riders. At least that is…

  • Lens Artists Challenge The road most often taken.

    Lens Artists Challenge The road most often taken.

    This week John has asked us to show our most often taken “road” with regard to photography. Of course mine is photos of horses. Most of these photos are of horses in competition. My subjects are always moving and this ads to the challenge of getting just the right moment. But I really enjoy it.…

  • The Understudy Steps Up!

    The Understudy Steps Up!

    My coach Belinda Trussell had entered a show at the Global Dressage Festival . She was entered in the Prix St.George class. But the horse she had entered was not able to compete today. So the Understudy had to step up. This was a big step for the Understudy. He has never competed at the…

  • Helgstrand Horses: Show Jumpers and Dressage.

    Helgstrand Horses: Show Jumpers and Dressage.

    The evening at Helgstrand began with Ludger Beerbaum showing us two of his jumpers .The first was an 8 year old mare Evita Peron ridden by Maddie Rauschenback. Ludger told us the mare was not too experienced and yet the atmosphere in the arena did not seem to phase her at all. There were some…

  • A Flying Horse

    A Flying Horse

    My son was in Vienna recently and sent me this photo. I was given no information about where this flying horse was or where he was going.

  • An Orange Raincoat.

    An Orange Raincoat.

    This is my response to Debbie’s One Word Sunday Orange.

  • On a Beautiful Autumn Day Lynsey rides Biasini

    On a Beautiful Autumn Day Lynsey rides Biasini

    We had a beautiful autumn day this week and Lynsey Rowan took Biasini up to the outdoor arena. I had the pleasure of sitting and watching them work. Here are a couple of videos.First a lovely line of two tempis. Then some expressive trot. The autumn colors are wonderful and this arena is delightful to…

  • I’m back!!

    I’m back!!

    This week I am walking without a cane or a walker! It is not perfect but I decided it was good enough for me to get back on Biasini. So today Lynsey Rowan rode him and then I got on and just walked him in the arena for 10 minutes. I want to take it…

  • My Photographic Groove!

    My Photographic Groove!

    Anne Sandler, of Slow Shutter Speed blog, has given us this weeks lens artists photo challenge. ” What is your photographic groove? Well, it is not hard for me to answer that. Horses and horse photographs. When I started blogging I quickly realized that taking photos of horses was not so easy. They are always…

  • The “Baby” Grand Prix.

    The “Baby” Grand Prix.

    This test is the introduction to the Grand Prix work,

  • They say it’s your Birthday! LAPC #183

    They say it’s your Birthday! LAPC #183

    It’s not my birthday till June but I got an early present today!

  • LAPC #191: Curves

    LAPC #191: Curves

    Horses have curves!