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  • Focus on the Subject

    Focus on the Subject

    How to get the viewers eyes to focus on the subject!

  • Magic in the Old.              Magic in the New.

    Magic in the Old. Magic in the New.

    The trick is to successfully combine the two.

  • Framing the Shot.

    Framing the Shot.

    This weeks the Lens-Artists photo challenge is “Framing the Shot” Thanks to Amy for this really interesting challenge. Here are my responses. Sometimes I do not want to show the whole horse but just something that has caught my eye. In this case it is the Canadian flag on the fly bonnet of Jill Irving’s…

  • Which Way ?

    Which Way ?

    Which Way Photo Challenge Which way? Across the Albert Bridge in London? Up the stairs to the roof of the White Tower at the Tower of London? Or through the forest with my horse Biasini? Or get out of the “way” of the charging knight and horse in armour! Which Way Photo Challenge

  • Dressed to Kill.

    Dressed to Kill.

    Was it dragon or a horse?

  • Horses in Armour.

    Horses in Armour.

    I am currently in London and getting a good education in arms and armouries on a tour organized by tour leader Caroline Stanley. Today our small group our small group went to the Wallace Collection and had an introduction to the arms collection there by Keith Dowan who is the Assistant Curator  of the Royal…