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  • The Same but different!

    The Same but different!

    The Backyard Horse Blog has given us an Animal photo Challenge:: the same but different.

  • Architecture LAPC #173

    Architecture LAPC #173

    This week Tina, of Travels and Trifles, has challenged us to show some photos of interesting Architecture! Here are some from London. Thank you Tina for this challenge. If readers would like to see some of the other interesting responses to this challenge click here to go to Tina’s site and see links to the…

  • Now and Then

    Now and Then

    This week Amy has given us the Lens-Artists challenge of Now and Then. Amy was looking at how life was before the Pandemic and how it is now. What a thought provoking topic. At first I was not sure how I would approach it. But then I thought about what I was doing in November…

  • Monday Minstrel: Windows with a View.

    Monday Minstrel: Windows with a View.

    A window with a view. This is the lens-artists photo challenge #79. Here are my responses. “Outside the window is a world that beckons and inside the window is a world for which the outside yearns.”― Anthony T. Hincks When one door closes, another window opens. Julie Andrews Below is a photo of groom Alan Davies…

  • Which Way ?

    Which Way ?

    Which Way Photo Challenge Which way? Across the Albert Bridge in London? Up the stairs to the roof of the White Tower at the Tower of London? Or through the forest with my horse Biasini? Or get out of the “way” of the charging knight and horse in armour! Which Way Photo Challenge

  • When Kings Rode Wooden Horses

    When Kings Rode Wooden Horses

    They were stallions war horses, fit for kings

  • Time Passes….

    Time Passes….

    Time after time after time.

  • 3,664 Nails…

    3,664 Nails…

    The Tower at night…after all the tourists have gone!

  • Bits, Bridles and the Tower of London

    Bits, Bridles and the Tower of London

    The bits could cause serious injury if improperly used.