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  • CFFC: Catching people unaware.

    CFFC: Catching people unaware.

    These photos are my response to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge From the top 1.the mounted band of HM Horse Guards, 2.Changing of the horse guards,3. Guard at side of the Mall for Trooping of the Color rehearsal,4.Me brushing Biasini’s tail at a show, 5.coach Belinda Trussell watching one of her students compete at a show…

  • Is It Only One Year Ago?

    Is It Only One Year Ago?

    Just one year ago I had spent the weekend showing at White Fences in Loxahatchee Florida. The USEF had announced that all horse shows would be cancelled going forward due to Covid 19. Remember when we used to give Covid a number? There was to have been one more show for the White Fences Championship…

  • 2020 -This is the Year That Was.

    2020 -This is the Year That Was.

    This week Tina has given us the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #129 of Favorite images of 2020. So I shall go backwards through the year of 2020 starting with this winter season. After a relaxing of some Covid restrictions there was a horse show at Angelstone in September. The show organizer had taken a lot of…

  • Looking Back to Happy Memories

    Looking Back to Happy Memories

    This weeks Lens Artists Photo Challenge comes to us from Journeys with JohnBo. Since most of us are in lockdown he invites us to ‘go back’ and visit places through our photos. As many of you know I am missing my horse Biasini. He is only 15 minutes away by car but due to the…

  • Addiction and an Attitude of Gratitude!

    Addiction and an Attitude of Gratitude!

    Addiction: “the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance or activity. ” When I chose the name of this blog Horse Addict I understood I was an addict. Horses and riding are my drugs of choice. If I am feeling anxious, or gloomy or upset I know that when I get to…

  • Biasini Speaks: I’m Safe!

    Biasini Speaks: I’m Safe!

    Hello again Dear Humans! I know that you humans have a thing where you say that you are marking yourself safe when there is something dangerous happening. Well, we horses don’t exactly know what is going on with you Humans but we know you are all pretty knotted up about it. It started that weekend…

  • "Call them and tell them you love them."

    "Call them and tell them you love them."

    What matters most in the time of Covid 19.

  • You’ve Got to Laugh!

    You’ve Got to Laugh!

    In times like this when chaos, confusion and a mass panic of toilet paper buying it is necessary to possess some sangfroid and the ability to laugh. Humor can be a lifesaver! So here goes… 1….How many groom assistants does it take to get Coach Luis Reteguiz Denizard into the ring on Biasini? FOUR! Here…

  • Don’t Give Up, Just Turn Up!

    Don’t Give Up, Just Turn Up!

    Last Sunday Biasini and I were awarded the Reserve Championship for the FEI Freestyle classe Adult Amateur division. . The White Fences Championship Series consists of five shows starting in December and continuing to the end of April. I have competed in the January and February shows and this past weekend in the March show.…

  • This is the lesson that never ends!

    This is the lesson that never ends!

    Acquiring new muscle memory is tiring!

  • I’m taking it as a win!

    I’m taking it as a win!

    With the best of humor I offer you my show diary from this past weekend. Friday: Follow the Signs. I awoke with a bad case of the dizzies. This is something that pops up perhaps once in two years with me. A little granule in my inner ear decided to go walk about and my…

  • A Fun Weekend Ahead!

    A Fun Weekend Ahead!

    What a lovely location this is!