A Fun Weekend Ahead!

Thursday. This is the set up day so today my husband David and I drove down to White Fences Equestrian and set up Biasini’s stall. Then my coach Lou Denizard arrived with Biasini and Galahad. Lou will be riding Galahad in the show this weekend. It will be a busy weekend for Lou with ten horses, two of which he will be competing with and six of his students who will be competing at different levels. Two of Lou’s students have two horses to ride in the show. Busy! But Biasini took advantage of the warm afternoon to just snooze in his stall. He is an experienced competitor and he also wanted to give a calming impression to the young stallion who is across from him.

Friday The show starts! I will be competing in the afternoon. This is the ring I will be in for my test. On the set up day riders can ride in the arena to acclimatize their horses to the ring .

The show organizer and owner of the White Fences property is a keen horticulturalist and there are many interesting and unusual trees and plants .

Saturday I will be competing again on Saturday. The show is very well attended and all three days, Friday Saturday and Sunday there are lots of horses and riders in all the levels. I will not be competing on Sunday as at my age and stage two days competing is enough for me. So on Sunday I will just take Biasini for a hack around the property and the neighborhood.

To finish here is the view looking out from the side of the stabling area where Biasini has his stall. What a lovely location this is.

Some rain has been forecast for the weekend but …..I have my rubber reins this time ! I will be back to the blogosphere next week.


11 responses to “A Fun Weekend Ahead!”

  1. violaetcetera Avatar

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

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  2. dprastka Avatar

    Beautiful photos! What an amazing place for a horse show. Good luck this weekend and I hope you and your handsome pony do well! LOVE his calm demeanor. You can tell he’s very seasoned. ❤️🐎🐴❤️

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  3. Subbashini Meenakshi Sundaram Avatar

    I feel you both already won 💐

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  4. whippetwisdom Avatar

    It looks beautiful there Anne. Best of luck to you and Biasini in the ring today and tomorrow and enjoy your hack on Sunday! 🤗💖🐎 xxx

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  5. Emma Cownie Avatar

    Exciting week ahead , good luck!

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  6. Gavin & Wyatt Avatar

    Best of luck to you!

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  7. sandyjwhite Avatar

    Best of luck to you both!

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  8. popsiclesociety Avatar

    What a beautiful place! Enjoy it and have fun! 😉 🐎

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  9. Judy Avatar

    May you be happy with Biasini’s and your performance. 🙂 Gorgeous!

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      My goal is to try to accomplish at least some of the level we have at home. And if I keep my focus I think we can do that.

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