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  • Lens Artists Challenge: Urban Environments

    Lens Artists Challenge: Urban Environments

    This is my response to Sofia’s lens artists challenge of Urban Environments. Do take a look at her post . She has some wonderful photos of different urban environments. Other bloggers responses can be found in the comments.

  • Doors and Doorways

    Doors and Doorways

    This week the Lens Artists Photo Challenge #204 is doors and doorways given to us by Sylvia of My Colorful Expressions. I am choosing several doors and doorways from London.

  • Architecture LAPC #173

    Architecture LAPC #173

    This week Tina, of Travels and Trifles, has challenged us to show some photos of interesting Architecture! Here are some from London. Thank you Tina for this challenge. If readers would like to see some of the other interesting responses to this challenge click here to go to Tina’s site and see links to the…

  • Vanishing Point.

    Vanishing Point.

    This week Cee has given us Vanishing Point as our topic for her Black and White Challenge.

  • Trails, Paths,Roads and Canals. CFFC

    Trails, Paths,Roads and Canals. CFFC

    I had to respond to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge! “Ground, sand, dirt, paths, walks, trails and roads” was Cee’s challenge. I have some trails and also two photos of different pathways in the East End of London . Here is my response.

  • Monday Minstrel: Bollards! The Spoils of Victory!

    Monday Minstrel: Bollards! The Spoils of Victory!

    I belong to a Facebook Group “Memories of London” and recently saw a post about the final resting place of the canons from the defeated army of Napoleon ! Here is a quote from the post. “After the defeat of the French at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805, the British started to strip the…

  • What is Striped? What Checked?

    What is Striped? What Checked?

    This week Ann Christine has given us the challenge of Striped and Checked. I had to think about this challenge. Did I have anything? Striped? Checked? I searched my archives. Chihuly glass. Striped at Kew Gardens. A covered arena in Florida. Striped and checked . Striped support in modern London architecture. A checkered window and…

  • Chihuly:Reflections on Nature

    Chihuly:Reflections on Nature

    Sunday October 27 was the last day of the Chihuly exhibition of glass sculptures at Kew Gardens. I had been waiting to see this and the weather deities granted a beautiful sunny day. The sculptures are dotted about through the gardens with several in the Temperate house. The first one greeted us at the Victoria…

  • A Square Viewed

    A Square Viewed

    I am hastily joining the “square gang” devised by Becky at The Life of B. Her lines and squares challenge will end on October 31 and , time flies, we are almost there. So here are my “squares”. Squares in London are green spaces which may be open to the public or are restricted for…

  • And we are off!!

    And we are off!!

    I am off to London, with my husband, for a two week holiday. It will be a welcome change of routine and a chance to see relatives and our son who lives in London. If something strikes me as vital to communicate to you, fellow bloggers, I will get a post up but if not…

  • I Pick London!

    I Pick London!

    “Why, Sir, you find no man, at all intellectual, who is willing to leave London. No, Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.” Dr. Samuel Johnson London is my favorite city in the world. I visited it often when I was a child…

  • A Royal Road.

    A Royal Road.

    Weighing 3 tonnes it takes 6 horses to pull it.