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  • Geometry

    Geometry! Not my favorite subject in school but this week Patti has given us the Lens-Artists Challenge of Geometry. When I thought about it I realized that the discipline of Dressage has a lot of geometry in it. The dressage arena is a rectangle : 20 meters by 60 meters. At the lower test levels…

  • In Memoriam:Photo a week Challenge.

    In Memoriam:Photo a week Challenge.

    Nancy Merril Photograhy has given us the challenge of posting a photo that features a memorial. At 10:40 am, on July 20, 1982 as Horse Guards were walking along South Carriage Drive in Hyde Park, on their way to the changing of the Horse Guards, a nail bomb, composed of 25 lbs of gelignite and…

  • Magic in the Old.              Magic in the New.

    Magic in the Old. Magic in the New.

    The trick is to successfully combine the two.

  • Framing the Shot.

    Framing the Shot.

    This weeks the Lens-Artists photo challenge is “Framing the Shot” Thanks to Amy for this really interesting challenge. Here are my responses. Sometimes I do not want to show the whole horse but just something that has caught my eye. In this case it is the Canadian flag on the fly bonnet of Jill Irving’s…

  • A Royal Road.

    A Royal Road.

    Weighing 3 tonnes it takes 6 horses to pull it.

  • All Lined Up!

    All Lined Up!

    When things are all lined up there is a feeling of satisfaction in seeing them looking so neat and so ready for some kind of action. Judy Dykstra-Brown at Life Lessons Blog is running a photo challenge from May 27 to June 6 on the topic of ‘all lined up’. Here is my response… Now…

  • Heritage and History

    Heritage and History

    But then my Aunt pointed out my Uncle Tim riding, in full regalia, behind the Queen!

  • A Matched Pair

    A Matched Pair

    They have stood on guard at the Horse Guards since 1660.

  • The Horse Guards and the Palace.

    The Horse Guards and the Palace.

    The sound of the horses hooves on the pavement.

  • The Day I Met a Cavalry Black

    The Day I Met a Cavalry Black

    I didn’t know him but I knew a lot about him.