In Memoriam:Photo a week Challenge.

Nancy Merril Photograhy has given us the challenge of posting a photo that features a memorial. At 10:40 am, on July 20, 1982 as Horse Guards were walking along South Carriage Drive in Hyde Park, on their way to the changing of the Horse Guards, a nail bomb, composed of 25 lbs of gelignite and…

Framing the Shot.

This weeks the Lens-Artists photo challenge is “Framing the Shot” Thanks to Amy for this really interesting challenge. Here are my responses. Sometimes I do not want to show the whole horse but just something that has caught my eye. In this case it is the Canadian flag on the fly bonnet of Jill Irving’s…

All Lined Up!

When things are all lined up there is a feeling of satisfaction in seeing them looking so neat and so ready for some kind of action. Judy Dykstra-Brown at Life Lessons Blog is running a photo challenge from May 27 to June 6 on the topic of ‘all lined up’. Here is my response… Now…

Heritage and History

But then my Aunt pointed out my Uncle Tim riding, in full regalia, behind the Queen!

A Matched Pair

They have stood on guard at the Horse Guards since 1660.