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    Today I looked at the insights for Horse Addict and saw how many views there have been of the posts on the blog. Two Hundred Thousand plus! This may not be up there with the Social Media Influencers who have that many views on an hourly basis but for me it is a wonderful milestone.…

  • Away from my desk!

    Away from my desk!

    I shall be away from my desk, as they say, for the next couple of weeks. I have a couple of posts scheduled during my absence. Also I am going to be seeing a few interesting things  that involve horses so I hope to get those posts up as well. But as I will be…

  • Day Three of the Quote Challenge

    Day Three of the Quote Challenge

    For the final day of my response to the quote challenge  I will give you my horse,Biasini’s, favorite quote. It is by no less a writer than William Shakespeare! He’s of the color of the nutmeg. And of the heat of the ginger…. he is pure air and fire; and the dull elements of earth…

  • Monday Minstrel: Blogging Day and Bath Salts.

    Monday Minstrel: Blogging Day and Bath Salts.

    She knows something about blogging…

  • This Is the Year That Was–2017

    This Is the Year That Was–2017

    Struggle, survival, real life, outside the box, stars and Grand Masters!

  • Hands Across the Blogosphere!

    Hands Across the Blogosphere!

    It is a story of a person who overcame the odds…

  • 500+ Followers!

    500+ Followers!

    65,692 views and 41,298 visitors. It has been quite a ride.

  • Horse Blogs. Blogging for a Niche Market.

    Horse Blogs. Blogging for a Niche Market.

    It would b e ridiculous for me to write about fashion or new trends in false nails!

  • Happy Birthday Horse Addict!

    Happy Birthday Horse Addict!

    Thank you to all who read my posts and join with me in this journey.

  • Versatile Blogger Award

    Versatile Blogger Award

    Well! It’s Award Season and not just in Hollywood!  Susmita of Uniquesus nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. Do visit Uniquesus for some original writing.This past week  she posted a poem that precisely reflected my feelings on some of the political stories in the news . Thank you Susmita for this nomination. At my…

  • Thank You!

    Thank You!

        When this popped up in my notices on Horse Addict today I was thrilled!  Thank you to all the readers who have ‘liked’ the posts I have written. Almost all of my posts are about horses and riding so I am both surprised and pleased that so many people have taken an interest…

  • Bloggers Recognition Award!

    Bloggers Recognition Award!

    I am honored to be nominated for a Bloggers Recognition Award by Susmitamukherjee of Uniquesus. I urge you to take a look at this blog. Susmita writes poetry and prose. The short stories are really very good ; they take you into the world that Susmita creates and carry you along and then…..there is an ending that…