The last show…

Biasini may not have been in this last show of the Global Dressage Festival but the horse I previously referred to as ” the Understudy” was there to compete. And considering how well he did I shall call him by his real name: Diamanten Dave. On Thursday March 30 he competed in the Prix St. George and showed us a lovely extended trot at the start of test.

His trot half passes were also very good indeed.

Then on to the extended walk where he looked relaxed as he should do.

Next came the canter.

I thought his canter work looked very good and all his flying changes were very uphill and expressive. Belinda told me later he was very “up” in the canter and she could hardly use any leg aids at all. But, as I know, that is what you want from an upper level horse. As long as you are able to ride that horse. Belinda is more than capable of that.

I was not able to see Dave and Belinda today when they did the Prix St. George test again. They got a fabulous score of 74.852 That is an excellent score for sure. I was also able to see their test sheet and there were lots of 8s for the test movements. That is excellent. And Belinda and Dave finished in First Place.!! So Dave is the understudy no more!! I think he is the star✨✨What a great way to finish the season!





10 responses to “The last show…”

  1. Deborah Avatar

    Congratulations to Dave and Belinda.
    Have a safe trip home.

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      Thank you Deborah.


  2. J.W.S. Avatar

    Happiness to you and your associates as the season ends!

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  3. Priti Avatar

    I hope Biasini will be okay! Well shared 👍

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  4. Priti Avatar

    I hope Biasini will be okay within a few days! Well shared 👌

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      Thank you I’m afraid it will be a few months for Biasini’s injury to heal .I will be patient 😊

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      1. Priti Avatar

        Yes sure ☺️

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  5. Pepper Avatar

    Wonderful! I hope Biasini is healing quickly. 😊

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      His healing is a slow process but he is getting good veterinary help.

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