Competition Prep has begun!

Today I watched a lesson with Lynsey riding Biasini and preparing for the upcoming horse show in 2 weeks. They began with a warm up in the covered arena. Canter work came first. “More snaffle”Belinda said to Lynsey. “More snaffle.Ride the snaffle.No left-right.” This means she wants to see Lyndsey riding with little to no curb bit and focus on the snaffle. Also no tweaking with her right hand and then her left to soften Biasini in the contact with the bit.

Belinda reminded Lynsey to use her body for the half halts and not the reins. “when he is soft then give.”They went on to some trot work and shoulder in.

Finally they worked on the canter to halt transitions with setting off after the halt in a lively and uphill trot.

That concluded the 30 minute warm up and we went to the outdoor arena for Lynsey to ride through the Prix St.George test. The trot tour went well and Belinda told Lynsey it was going well and the extended trot was “really good”. Then the walk and walk pirouettes.Then the canter. Belinda was still guiding Lynsey with her Cee Coach microphone and reminded her to”give” “give” “give”. I could tell just by looking at Biasini he was a hot tamale! It is not so easy to give when he is like that and he gets strong in the riders hands! But the flying changes were uphill and full of life.

Then came the canter pirouettes.Biasini executed both very well.

After the final centerline, the halt and salute. Belinda turned to me and said : ” That salute was respect to you !” I asked what she meant and she said: “Lynsey knows that you have ridden that “hot” Biasini in the show ring and now that she has felt it she is saluting you!”

Truth be told I do know what it is like and how hard it is. But I was proud of Lynsey for getting such a good performance from Biasini despite his being “hot” and strong her hands.


5 responses to “Competition Prep has begun!”

  1. workinacresnothours Avatar

    So great your training buddies acknowledge just what hard work training & showing is. The concentration & flushed face of Lynsey, the photos show the beauty & the struggle is real, fun but real. Tell Biasini he looks marvelous

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      Thank you! For an 18 old he does look terrific. I will tell him.

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  2. J.W.S. Avatar

    The discipline of practice demonstrates just how difficult the event really is.

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      This is the truth.


  3. Michele Lee Avatar

    Engaging storytelling through description and photos!

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