Part 2. Lynsey and Biasini Lesson

After doing some work in the covered arena Lynsey suggested they go to the outdoor arena. For a show the warm up is in one ring and the tests are ridden in another. So it is a good idea to practice changing arenas. They decided Lynsey would ride the trot tour of the Prix St.George test.

Above is photo of the medium trot.

The walk pirouette. Belinda must have wanted something improved a bit as Lynsey did the pirouettes twice. Below is the “debrief” As you can see Biasini thinks this is a chance for a short nap!

After the lesson Belinda said: “Biasini was great!” Biasini and Lynsey will be going to a show at the end of this month. I can’t wait to see them.





3 responses to “Part 2. Lynsey and Biasini Lesson”

  1. Deborah Avatar

    Anne, you’re going to have a tough act to follow when you get back to riding. Especially if Lynsey places top five with Biasini. I know you’ll be up to the task. 🙂


    1. Deborah Avatar

      Forgot to add, we did Coach Belinda’s favorite activity – the veterinary jog. Two grooms fell. one rider fell. They weren’t hurt or anything, the horses involved were fine, but you couldn’t help but to feel bad for them.

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      1. anne leueen Avatar

        I will br very happy if Lynsey places top 5😀


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