How to ride the Inter 1 Zig Zag

This week I asked Lynsey Rowan to show me the Intermediare 1 Zig Zag. This movement was always one that I struggled with when I was competing in the Inter 1 in 2019. I used to dread it when I knew it was coming up in the test. This is a tricky movement. Starting with a turn onto the centerline and then a half pass right 5 meters, flying change, then half pass left across the arena, flying change and half pass right, flying change and turn to the left. Here is a video of Lysney showing how it should be done.

Lynsey makes this look easy. But here is what she has to do to make it look this good . In the corner before turning onto the centerline she must have Biasini listening to her and up in the shoulder and light in her hand . Then she turns him onto the centerline. Immediately she asks for the half pass to the right. Biasini must bend in his body in a curve to the right and remain up in the shoulder and light in Lynsey’s hand. Then the flying change. Lynsey must ask Biasini to be on her leg aids and forward. Then she asks for the change. The half pass to the left. The bend in his body is now to the left. Across the arena and then straighten and ask for the flying change. Back to the centerline in half pass right straighten and flying change. For all of these movements Biasini must keep his frame upright and steady and be light in Lynsey’s hand.

So that is how to ride the Zig Zag. I used to call it the “dreaded” Zig Zag. I hope that once I am back to riding I will not dread it so much but will remember how Lynsey rode it and imitate her.

The featured photo was taken by Connie Gee when Biasini and I were warming up at a competition.


4 responses to “How to ride the Inter 1 Zig Zag”

  1. Tina Schell Avatar

    Personally I’d just like to know who the heck came up with this torturous sequence Anne?!?!?! I love the image of you and biasini and hope you are riding again soon.

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      I’m afraid I won’t be riding until April after I get surgery to replace my worn put hip parts. We got to Florida at the end of this month and I didn’t want to get surgery before travelling. I miss riding but I will have both Belinda and Lynsey riding Biasini. As for who invented the Zig Zag? Some person in the international Equestrian federation. Probably someone German!!!

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  2. Lesley Avatar

    Beautifully done!
    I love the featured photo too, Anne.

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      Thank you Lesley

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