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  • Another Great Day!

    Another Great Day!

    Today Lynsey Rowan rode my horse Biasini in the FEI Intermediare 1 test at the Global Dressage Festival in Wellington Florida. This test is more difficult than the Prix St. George that they did yesterday. It has a more complicated canter half pass zig zag with three half passes and flying changes in between each…

  • Today’s lesson: The Intermediare 1

    Today’s lesson: The Intermediare 1

    Today Lynsey had her lesson with Belinda Trussell.Lynsey and Biasini warmed up in the covered arena. At the trot Lynsey encourages Biasini to stretch down and she does rising trot to let his back swing. Belinda commented on how much she liked the trot and how nicely Biasini was swinging though his back. Lynsey let…

  • How to ride the Inter 1 Zig Zag

    How to ride the Inter 1 Zig Zag

    This week I asked Lynsey Rowan to show me the Intermediare 1 Zig Zag. This movement was always one that I struggled with when I was competing in the Inter 1 in 2019. I used to dread it when I knew it was coming up in the test. This is a tricky movement. Starting with…

  • Caledon Dressage show Success!

    Caledon Dressage show Success!

    This past weekend my coach Belinda Trussell and her assistant trainer Lynsey Rowan showed at the Caledon Dressage show in Palgrave. The weather was pleasant temperature wise but a very strong wind was blowing. You can see that from these flags. The first horse from Team Oakcrest (Belinda’s farm is Oakcrest Farm) that I watched…

  • I’m in Charge!

    I’m in Charge!

    I can make a mistake but I had better correct it quickly!

  • Tina Irwin: When Dreams Turn Into Goals.

    Tina Irwin: When Dreams Turn Into Goals.

    Sometimes things happen for a reason.

  • Discipline!


    Internal Discipline: This is the discipline that sets your alarm at 6am and actually gets you up at 6 am and off to the gym and then you do the 3 sets of 12 reps of those strengthening exercises. External Discipline: This is the discipline that the gym’s trainer exerts when he or she counts…

  • Silent Sunday

    Silent Sunday

    All photos by Joanna Jodko Photography. White Fences Show February 22,23 2019

  • Not Lost, Just Wandering!

    Not Lost, Just Wandering!

    Video lesson with Belinda Trussell.

  • What is on the Other Side of Fear?

    What is on the Other Side of Fear?

    “Everything you want is on the other side of fear.”  This is a quote I read last week. It got me thinking. I was heading to a competition  and I decided it would be worthwhile to examine what “fear” meant to me. What were the sources of “fear” for me? Physical fear?  No. Despite the…

  • Riding Between Moments.

    Riding Between Moments.

    Lesson with Belinda Trussell. Ride two hands and two legs equally.

  • Once More Unto the Breach!

    Once More Unto the Breach!

    The problem is the rider….ME!