My requests for Belinda Trussell

Last week Belinda Trussell rode Biasini. She mounted up and asked me if I had any requests! What would I like to see her do with Biasini. I asked for some canter half pass and then perhaps some work on pirouettes.

Belinda agreed and then she warmed up Biasini. Once he was warmed up she demonstrated the canter half pass and went directly into a pirouette then continues with half pass to the other side of the arena. Here is a video.

Just then Lynsey Rowan , who was also riding in the arena and often rides Biasini, asked Belinda to show us a centerline to halt at X (The CenterPoint of the dressage arena.). For all the more advanced tests the horse and rider enter in canter and then halt at x. The halt should be square with all legs and hooves even and underneath the horse. You can see that Belinda looks to the mirror at the side of the arena to check that the halt is square. My videoing is not the best and you can hear me tell Belinda that I think her halt was “excellent”. In a test the horse and rider are coming down the centerline straight toward the judge at C. Any wiggling or lack of straightness will be visible to the judge.

As you may know if you read my recent post “It is what it is” You will know that I am not riding for several months. But both Belinda and Lysney will be taking Biasini into the show ring in Wellington Florida this winter season. I am looking forward to being a spectator for that!

*Featured image by Lexi Bradbury*





10 responses to “My requests for Belinda Trussell”

  1. Amy Avatar

    Hope you will recover soon, Anne!

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      Thank you Amy.


  2. Priti Avatar


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  3. Avery Avatar

    You are so blessed with a wonderful team. I know you know that! I selfishly am very excited that he is still going down for the season and for all of us to be a spectator with you!

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  4. Firn Avatar

    So educational to watch Belinda ride! Thunder and I are just starting to establish that sneaky canter-halt centreline and it’s so great to see it done by a pro.

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      I agree. Thanks for this comment.


  5. pattimoed Avatar

    Hi, Anne. It sounds like you’re still not riding. I’m so sorry about that. It must be some comfort to know that Biaisini in such good hands. What a gorgeous horse.

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      I will not be riding for several months. I wrote a blog post with the whole story ” it is what it is” thanks for the compliment about Biasini. He is a wonderful horse.

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      1. pattimoed Avatar

        He’s gorgeous, Anne. Give him a hug for me. 😀❤️😀

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        1. anne leueen Avatar

          I will give him that hug!🐴🥕


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