Nothing Mediocre on Monday!

Monday August 15. Belinda Trussell rode Biasini! And there was a very high standard maintained throughout. Belinda did a stretching trot to warm Biasini up and then went on to canter. In the canter work Belinda asked Biasini to come back to a very collected canter. At the end of the ride Belinda told me that when she started Biasini he was a bit lazy and she said: “No” to that . Then he powered up and started to race. She said that and looked at me and said: ” I think you know that response.” She is right I do. He starts to get faster and faster and also very strong. How did Belinda deal with that? “I told him that he had to be active but also up and light in my hand. And the more I asked from him the more he gave me. ” She told me this with a big smile. Here is a video of the very collected canter work.

Here is a photo of Belinda with Biasini in canter half pass.

Belinda asks Biasini to be up and light in the hand in the canter work. Note the loop in the curb rein. This means Belinda is not having to use the curb to get him lighter or more up in his frame
Some shoulder in to start the collection work.

I think that Belinda has raised Biasini’s bar considerably. When I am back in lessons again she will ask me for a very collected canter and she will know just how much he can do. So I better be ready to ask him for a very collected canter and not give up until I get it.

At the end of the lesson Belinda said that Biasini had worked very hard and might have sore muscles in his hind quarters. So I gave Super Groom Lexi, who was bathing him, some of the Omega Alpha TETDA to help with that. I often use this product to help with tired muscles. And he got carrots to stretch for and a stud muffin treat before I left to go home.

I am navigating about quite well now with just a cane and working on my physio exercises. So I hope that it will not be too long before I will be walking with no cane and then….back to riding!


8 responses to “Nothing Mediocre on Monday!”

  1. marliz Avatar

    Love reading your posts…take care Marliz

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      1. marliz Avatar

        Who is Amy?

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        1. anne leueen Avatar

          One of the Lens Artists bloggers.


      2. Marliz Tel Avatar
        Marliz Tel

        ooops never mind!

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  2. Amy Avatar

    So glad to hear you are recovering, Anne!

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      Thank you Amy.


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