Dressage Heroin…But Don’t Call WADA!

Dressage heroin?  No, I am not talking about hard drugs or anything that would involve the World Anti-Doping Agency!  I heard the term Dressage Heroin from one of the dressage competitors at the World Equestrian Games. She said that being at WEG and having the opportunity to watch the best dressage riders in the world, in the warm up and in the competition ring was such a high. It was dressage heroin!

“It was so inspiring! ” She said. “To be able to watch all the best riders and see all of them, watch them warm up and watch them compete. I want to be like them! I want to ride like that!”

Let me just tell you that this rider has already ridden in four World Equestrian Games and two Olympic Games representing her country, Canada,  and is already a beautiful rider. I know this because she is my coach Belinda Trussell!

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I understand just how she feels. For me, an amateur rider, I am not aspiring to ride like these top professionals but it was a thrill to see them ride, to see how they tackled the difficult moves of the Grand Prix level tests with such fluency and ease.  It certainly inspired me to come home and up my own game. I have been discussing this with my horse Biasini this week. He has his own opinions but no doubt he will post something about that in a Biasini Speaks post before too long. But in the meantime I am still on a WEG ‘high’ myself. What a great experience it was, to see this quality of riding, to be part of the international media and to be inspired. The photo below is one of my favorite moments of Tryon WEG; Carl Hester leaving the arena to a standing ovation and thunderous applause and cheering. Not just for his test ride but for a career of  horsemanship, training, riding and being such a great ambassador for dressage.

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8 responses to “Dressage Heroin…But Don’t Call WADA!”

  1. cigarman501 Avatar

    You look wonderful. Had I checked first I wouldn’t have asked my stupid question. I only live twenty miles from Tryon. Sorry, the weather was so awful. Could have been much worse I guess. Hope you had a great time despite it.

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      I had an excellent time at the WEG. It was hot and humid but I left last saturday as the final dressage competition was cancelled. I had media accreditation and was in the media center and taking photos in the big stadium. They treated the media very well and I enjoyed it very much.


  2. Renz Unruhe Avatar

    I was so sad I didn’t get to go to WEG, considering it’s in my home state. But just watching online from the FEI live stream was wonderful. Always something new to learn just from watching the very best in the world do their thing!

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      Better to have seen it on the live feed than to not have seen it at all!

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  3. dprastka Avatar

    Great post! I’ve never heard it described as such, but I agree it’s like a high to be able to see and watch the best of the best! ❤️

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  4. Juli Hoffman Avatar

    I love your coach’s spirit! Belinda Trussell is an amazing rider, but she also seems like an amazing person. 😀

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