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  • My Photographic Groove!

    My Photographic Groove!

    Anne Sandler, of Slow Shutter Speed blog, has given us this weeks lens artists photo challenge. ” What is your photographic groove? Well, it is not hard for me to answer that. Horses and horse photographs. When I started blogging I quickly realized that taking photos of horses was not so easy. They are always…

  • Three Favorites:LAPC

    Three Favorites:LAPC

    Only three photos for this challenge .

  • The Same but different!

    The Same but different!

    The Backyard Horse Blog has given us an Animal photo Challenge:: the same but different.

  • Who is the G.O.A.T. for Dressage?

    Who is the G.O.A.T. for Dressage?

    There are many discussions, in various sports, about who is the Greatest Of All Time.

  • LAPC #191: Curves

    LAPC #191: Curves

    Horses have curves!

  • Is it all just about numbers?

    Is it all just about numbers?

    I recently read a quote about how obsessed with numbers we have become. Our culture, obsessed with numbers, has given us the idea that what we can measure is more important than what we can’t measure……it means that we make quantity more important than quality. Donella Meadows I immediately thought about how this is true…

  • The Grand Prix. The Pressure!

    The Grand Prix. The Pressure!

    Think about human athletes. Not everyone wants to go to the Olympics and face the pressure of that event. Other athletes come alive in that pressure. Think about any human performer. Not every singer or musician wants to be out on the stage of a gigantic stadium, like Wembley, in front of tens of thousands…

  • In the ring it’s all you!

    In the ring it’s all you!

    During the Olympics there were a series of ads on the CBC that focused on great quotes from coaches. One was about a young woman who was a boxer. She said her coach had inspired her even before Women’s Boxing was allowed, let alone become an Olympic sport. Her coach used to say to her…

  • Who Decides What is Covid “Essential”?

    Who Decides What is Covid “Essential”?

    Essential . What does this mean? Here is the Oxford dictionary definition of Essential. 1 Adjective: absolutely necessary; extremely important: 2. Noun: a thing that is absolutely necessary But how does this definition apply during Covid? When Ontario went into a State of Emergency Lockdown big stores could only offer “essential” items for sale, all…

  • From Beijing to Biasini: My Photography Journey.

    From Beijing to Biasini: My Photography Journey.

    I started to take an interest in photography back in 1980 on a three week trip to China with a group of horticulturalists. That was back in the days of film. It came in handy little cannisters and you had to load it into your camera. On that trip to China I mastered the art…

  • Emotions! Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #131

    For this Lens-Artists challenge, to show photos of “emotions”, I am choosing several photos from the World Equestrian Games in 2018. I had media accreditation for the WEG 2018 This enabled me to get a good spot ringside to take photos. These riders have just finished their tests. The release of the tension and the…

  • Belinda Trussell answers the Florida Questions.

    Belinda Trussell answers the Florida Questions.

    The decision has been occupying my mind all year!