My Horse Wishes to Speak!

Mondays, weather permitting, I like to take Biasini out of the arena and go for a ride in the forest or do a combination of riding on the big grass field and loop around a forest trail and then back to the field. It makes a break from the dressage in the arena work. So this past Monday there we were out on the grass field just ambling along when Biasini turned to me and said: “ I’d like to have a blob.”


A blob?

Yes, a blob. Like you have . I’m always hearing humans at the barn saying ‘oh I liked that blob ‘ or ‘I love reading your blob.’  And I know you wrote a blob about Belinda’s horse Anton, about meeting an Olympian and all that.  So I’m thinking , no disrespect to Anton, but what about me? I’m not just Mr. Cellophane .  I think people would like to hear things that I have to say.  Anton has told all of us that the blob about him was very popular. So to me that means that there are readers who like to have it ‘straight from the  horse’s mouth. What do you think?’

I think it’s a great idea . but it’s a blog….bloGUH not bloBUH.

Blog then….. bloguh!  You humans are so persnickety about your words.  We horses have moved beyond that  millennia ago . We can communicate entire thoughts and images without words. But I understand the human limitations .  So what do you think?  I realize that the blog posts would have to be typed and without fingers that’s a bit of a problem for me so I will dictate it to you.  How about that?”

That would be fine. How often would you like to post something?

“Once a month would be quite sufficient I think.  I could do something about my view of our training and of course I’m sure the readers would like to have my perspective on the journey to Florida. That’s 30 hours of six horses in the transport van. You would not believe some of the stories I’ve heard on those trips.  The race horses are  the best ,or the worst, depending on how you look at it. Oh I see the look you’re giving me.Don’t worry Ma Leueen I won’t talk about what our box stalls are like after 30 hours travel . I know what you humans are like about horse manure. You’re all “eeuww....filthy!”  I won’t mention that. So when can we start?”

Well how about I do an introduction to the idea this week and then maybe we can go from there.

Excellent!  I’ll start this evening after night feed to think about some topics that the humans might find interesting.”

And that was that. Biasini is going to be a blogger. With that settled we moved on toward the forest for a pleasant trail ride.






4 responses to “My Horse Wishes to Speak!”

  1. nathaswami Avatar

    Biasini looks beautiful. I believe her story will be wonderful.


    1. anne leueen Avatar

      Thank you. He is beautiful and he is quite a character so I will be interested in finding out what he wants to speak about!


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