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  • #BeTheChange


    Originally posted on HorseAddict: This year the Great Charity Challenge took place on February 4. The Challenge raised $1.7 million to be distrubuted to more than 50 Palm Beach Charities. This year the hashtag “BeTheChange” was to inspire people to volunteer to assist these organizations that help many people in need in the local community.…

  • Book Review: In Plain Sight by Anna Rashbrook

    Book Review: In Plain Sight by Anna Rashbrook

    What ever has happened in the past is always subject to memories,interpretations. and reactions. A writer can take events and twist and change them to his own will. And this is what I am doing now using the past to create a new story that holds on to the turth as far as it can…



    Horse addict now has 3002 subscribers! and 2,925 WordPress followers. I realize this is far from the “influencer ” league but for a horse blog it is not bad at all. Below you can see me at work taking photos at the Friday Night Stars at the Global Dressage Festival. So I extend a big…

  • Real Rose — Kaushal Kishore

    Take roses, take beautiful roses,last evening an innocent child,barefoot, in tattered clothes,was screaming and runningfrom person to person… He didn’t knowwhy people were buying roses,and what day it was,but for himit would certainly bea good dayif all his roses are soldby the end of the day… He was given some roseswith instructions to sell themat […]…

  • Wordless Wednesday.

    Wordless Wednesday.

  • WordPress and new themes!

    WordPress and new themes!

    So it seems I had to choose a new theme as my original theme had been “retired”. I find change of this sort difficult but I went ahead and chose a new theme. Somehow in the process I lost my quote that used to be at the top of the page. “The world is best…

  • I’m Taking a Blogging Break.

    I’m Taking a Blogging Break.

    While our son is visiting us it is time for a blogging break .

  • My New Holiday Tradition

    My New Holiday Tradition

    Originally posted on HorseAddict: I am reposting this as every year   leading up to Christmas I read this book.  It is a wonderful reminder of how someone can turn their life around and how a person may rescue a Cat but that Cat can also rescue the person. There are two films that I always…

  • I visited the House of Horror!

    I visited the House of Horror!

    A house near the town always goes all out for Halloween. This year they have lots of action in their House of Horror. I know that they ask for donations and all moneys always go to the local women’s shelter. What a great cause for Halloween!

  • It is what it is!

    It is what it is!

    No riding for six months. But there is a positive side as well.

  • $1.8 Million. Where did they spend it?

    $1.8 Million. Where did they spend it?

    The Great Charity Challenge 2022 raised $1.8million. Where did they spend the funds raised? Here is the answer from Equestrian Sport Productions. A YEAR OF IMPACT IN REVIEW – $1.8 Million at Work  Wellington, FL – September 23, 2022 – The 13th Annual Great Charity Challenge sponsored by Fidelity Investments® (GCC), held at Wellington International…

  • Help The World’s Working Equids

    Originally posted on The Backyard Horse Blog: While the tagline of The Backyard Horse Blog is “All About Keeping Horses At Home,” I do in fact digress from that motto on occasion. Today’s post is a case in point. I leave my backyard and look to other parts of the world. It is good to…