Belinda Trussell rides Biasini

While I am away on holiday Biasini is still at work. My coach, Belinda Trussell, will be riding him three days a week and Lynsey Rowan will be taking him out to the forest trails one day  a week.  How lucky am I to have these two professionals riding my horse!

Here is a short clip of Belinda with Biasini in the indoor arena doing some medium trot.

Then on to the half pass and some passage steps.

Finally some canter work. Here you can hear Biasini grunting! This is a congenital grunt! Biasini is by Belissimo M as is Isabel Werth’s horse Bella Rose. I noticed that when Isabel rode the mare at WEG in 2014 that she was grunting in the canter; just like Biasini.  I know that when I ride Biasini and I have him together he starts to grunt. He wants us to know that although he may be making it look easy he is working hard!

When I get home next week I will be back in the saddle. I know Biasini will be completely tuned up. Belinda will be away in Europe so Lynsey will give me a lesson to bring me up to speed with the work that Belinda has done with Biasini. I want to make the most of having Belinda ride him and not to loose any ground before she is back for our regular lessons.

Yes…..I know……I am very lucky.


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