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  • Geometry

    Geometry! Not my favorite subject in school but this week Patti has given us the Lens-Artists Challenge of Geometry. When I thought about it I realized that the discipline of Dressage has a lot of geometry in it. The dressage arena is a rectangle : 20 meters by 60 meters. At the lower test levels…

  • Emotions! Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #131

    For this Lens-Artists challenge, to show photos of “emotions”, I am choosing several photos from the World Equestrian Games in 2018. I had media accreditation for the WEG 2018 This enabled me to get a good spot ringside to take photos. These riders have just finished their tests. The release of the tension and the…

  • Competition in the Pandemic

    Competition in the Pandemic

    Even the judge and scribe were socially distanced!

  • Creativity in the Time of Covid

    Creativity in the Time of Covid

    This week the Lens Artists Challenge is Creativity in the Time of Covid given to us by Tina at Travels and Trifles. One area of creativity that I have found during this pandemic is improving my photography and taking photos of things I do not normally take photos of. I did an online course with…

  • Backlighting. Blessing or Curse?

    Backlighting. Blessing or Curse?

    For a silhouette it is a blessing.

  • A Side View

    A Side View

    This week Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge is the “Side of Things”. When I saw this challenge I immediately thought of a wonderful photo, taken by my friend Connie Gee, at the show I competed in with my horse, Biasini, last weekend. So I am using Connie’s photo for my response to this challenge.…

  • Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge

    Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge

    This photo was taken at a competition that was deluged with rain. You can see the grey specks of rain drops against the black horse. I edited this photo in Lightroom Classic to remove any color from the background and left only the red on the horse’s bonnet. I think the Animal challenge was a…

  • Framing the Shot.

    Framing the Shot.

    This weeks the Lens-Artists photo challenge is “Framing the Shot” Thanks to Amy for this really interesting challenge. Here are my responses. Sometimes I do not want to show the whole horse but just something that has caught my eye. In this case it is the Canadian flag on the fly bonnet of Jill Irving’s…

  • Hello World!

    Hello World!

    I’m youth. I’m joy!

  • Aerial!


    Aerial is the Travel With Intent One Word Sunday Challenge. Usually “aerial” is a photo taken from above but I am responding with some horses who are “aerial”.

  • Photo a week challenge: Endings

    Photo a week challenge: Endings

    Happy endings, final endings,

  • Those hooves!

    Those hooves!

    Not feet, not paws, not claws but hooves. Big hooves that belong to Biasini’s friend Khan. I chose the photos of Khan’s hooves for Cee’s Black and White photo challenge this week. And here is Khan. All 18 hands high of him!