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  • Don’t Give Up, Just Turn Up!

    Don’t Give Up, Just Turn Up!

    Last Sunday Biasini and I were awarded the Reserve Championship for the FEI Freestyle classe Adult Amateur division. . The White Fences Championship Series consists of five shows starting in December and continuing to the end of April. I have competed in the January and February shows and this past weekend in the March show.…

  • A Fun Weekend Ahead!

    A Fun Weekend Ahead!

    What a lovely location this is!

  • My competition. Here’s what worked and what didn’t!

    My competition. Here’s what worked and what didn’t!

    What worked White Fences. I enjoy showing at White Fences Equestrian. The Show Office is helpful and well organized. The music for my freestyle is played promptly when I signal for it. The speakers are clear and the volume is just right. The footing is excellent. I rode on Saturday after a torrential Florida rain…

  • Time to Dance!

    Time to Dance!

    This weekend Biasini and I will be “Puttin’ on the Ritz” and doing our Freestyle at the White Fences show. It is always the moment of truth entering the ring at A and going down the centerline to salute the judge. Things that were brilliant in the home arena may not be quite the same…

  • Biasini Speaks: It’s My Turn!

    Biasini Speaks: It’s My Turn!

    I think it is worth hearing my side of the story…

  • Gratitude!


    I have a debt of gratitude to pay for all the help I received at the show last weekend. So let me start… BIASINI I thank my horse for working so hard and listening so well. He has been working with me for several months to get ready for this show and our freestyle. In…

  • Silent Sunday

    Silent Sunday

    All photos by Joanna Jodko Photography. White Fences Show February 22,23 2019

  • It takes a Village!

    It takes a Village!

    We have all heard that it takes a village to get an athlete, any athlete, in any sport, into the competition arena. Well it applies even to me, an older amateur dressage rider! Here are some fun photos of my “village”.Thank you Lisa Landis for snapping these. In this first photo the caption could be…

  • Sometimes it’s not about the ribbons or the score.

    Sometimes it’s not about the ribbons or the score.

    Don’t get me wrong…it’s wonderful to get a great score or a first place ribbon. But sometimes it is about something else. Biasini and I were off to White Fences for a show this past weekend. Biasini into the trailer and away we go. We did a nice schooling session, Biasini knows this show ground…

  • The Competition Diary: Show Number One.

    The Competition Diary: Show Number One.

    Thursday January 31 And we’re off! Departing Silver Drache Farm in Palm City Florida and on the road down to White Fences Equestrian Center. My Florida coach Lou Denizard had three students competing in the first National rated White Fences show of 2019. We arrived and set up the stalls in the tent stabling; bedding,…

  • Quit! Or Change Direction!

    Quit! Or Change Direction!

    It just did not make sense to pursue this.

  • How Many People in the USA Ride a Horse Annually?

    How Many People in the USA Ride a Horse Annually?

    On Facebook 129 million people…..