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  • Sharpen the Pencil!

    Sharpen the Pencil!

    Belinda Trussell teaches me how to keep the pencil sharp!

  • Ride That Horse!

    Ride That Horse!

    Hello again! Yesterday I posted about the no stirrups work I did in my lesson last week with my coach Belinda Trussell. When I took my stirrups back we did canter work. Then, after a break, I asked to do some trot work . I wanted to see how it felt to ride the trot…

  • Fast Twitch Dressage Muscles!

    Fast Twitch Dressage Muscles!

    OK! last week I posted abut Extreme Dressage and this week I bring you Fast Twitch Dressage. For me the concepts of Fast and Slow Twitch muscles were things that belonged to the track and field world. Think sprinter versus marathon runner. My coach Belinda Trussell decided this past week that what she wanted me…

  • Extreme Dressage.

    Extreme Dressage.

    The term “extreme sports” usually denotes high risk with the athlete risking injury and possible death. Things like running a marathon across the Gobi Desert or in equestrian sport the higher levels of cross country in eventing. So when my coach Belinda Trussell told me on Friday we would be having an “extreme lesson” I…

  • Easier said than done!

    Easier said than done!

    Well done is better than well said. Benjamin Franklin I heard this quote from Benjamin Franklin the other day and it struck a chord within for me . In equestrian sport it is so much easier to talk about how to do something well, than to actually do it well. Sitting in the tack room…