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  • Doors and Doorways: Part 2

    Doors and Doorways: Part 2

    I would like to add some doors and doorways from the other side of the world for Sylvia’s Lens Artists Challenge #204 Doors and Doorways. A floating house on the Mekong river near Phnom Phen I seem to be ending my doors and doorways posts with skulls. But that was not intentional. I love doors…

  • Seen Better Days LAPC #168

    This week Lens Artist Tina of Travels and Trifles invites us to look for photos of things and places that have “seen better days.” I knew where I would look for photos. First of all, our trip to Cambodia and the ruins at Angkor. And finally a reminder that some find themselves on hard times…

  • On theWater. LAPC #155

    On theWater. LAPC #155

    In Cambodia even small black cats live on the water.

  • Negative Space

    Negative Space

    When I saw that Amy has given us Negative Space as this week’s Lens Artists challenge I had to smile. I thought perhaps this could be a new phrase for the 6 foot distance we must keep away from other people due to Covid spread! But no, it is a reference to photographic space. Amy…

  • Travel in the Time of Covid

    Travel in the Time of Covid

    Recently I was looking at photos of a trip we made to Vietnam and Cambodia, several years ago, and remembering what a wonderful trip it was. So I was delighted to see that this week the Tuesday Photo Challenge from Dutch Goes the Photo was Travel. Sharing photos is a way to travel when we…

  • Candid Moments Captured

    Candid Moments Captured

    This week Ann-Christine has chosen “Candid” for the Lens-Artists Challenge #67. Not many of the photos I take are of candid moments. Although it could be argued that all horse photos are candid as they are not “posing” for them. But I decided to go back through my files and find some candid photos. I…

  • Monochrome Monday

    Monochrome Monday

  • The Silence of Stone.

    The Silence of Stone.

    Sounds of life and of death….

  • Layers upon layers of history and tradition.

    Layers upon layers of history and tradition.

    The horses are layered one on top of the other.

  • An Unusual Ride!

    An Unusual Ride!

    I usually ride a horse so riding an elephant is unusual for me!

  • The Monday Minstrel: Horses in Cambodia

    The Monday Minstrel: Horses in Cambodia

    Minstrel: A medieval term for a person who entertains with songs, poetry or buffoonery.   In last week’s Monday Minstrel  I showed a photo of a very well decorated pony at the Temple of Angkor Wat. He was the only such pony or horse I saw while we were in Cambodia. However, there have been…

  • The Monday Minstrel: Cambodia

    The Monday Minstrel: Cambodia

    He was not there for tourists like me.