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  • Feederwatch!


    November 1st, the Birds Canada Feederwatch starts . I am looking forward to it and I have already started to look at which birds are coming to our feeders. This is my response to the Whatsoever is Lovely challenge from Xingfu Mama. These little birds are so lovely to me.

  • Getting Ready to Fly.

    Getting Ready to Fly.

    This is the migratory season for many birds. There are several who have stopped at our feeder to stock up before they start their journey south.

  • A Mother’s Work is Never Done!

    A Mother’s Work is Never Done!

    I have seen a hairy woodpecker come to our feeder and get a black sunflower seed. She then takes it to a nearby tree and pounds it to break the shell. Then she feeds the seed to one of her “children”. I was amazed as they seem to be quite big. But is suppose they…

  • I’m a Fan of Birdwatching!

    I’m a Fan of Birdwatching!

    This is my response to Jez’ I’m a Fan of … photo challenge. Information on the sparrows came from The Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Birds. I have been recording all the birds I have seen at the feeders, each Saturday and Sunday, since December for the Birds Canada Winter Feederwatch project. Sadly…

  • Squirrels on Sunday

    Squirrels on Sunday

    We have an eat-in kitchen that has large windows facing east. Outside we have a bird feeder and enjoy watching the birds that come and go. They drop quite a bit of seed onto the grass and the pathway below the feeder and doves, who are too big for the feeder, and squirrels pick up…

  • Warmth in the Sunday Stills

    Warmth in the Sunday Stills

    Warmth can refer to the physical temperature and to the atmosphere in a social situation. This has been a cold spring here in Ontario and we have had little warmth. The birds waiting to get to our feeders are puffing up to keep warm. Some are here in their breeding plumage but the spring warmth…