Biasini Speaks: Look at my trot!

Hello again Dear Humans . Trainer Lynsey has been riding me this week and she had me do some Peeaff. Ah….Ma Leueen says it is spelled piaffe and it is not a word that I am allowed to use my own spelling. Lynsey didn’t have me do this piaffe thing because I am going to compete in some advanced test but because apparently it improves my trot. Why does it do that you ask? I can tell you that when I have to do that piaffe thing I have to lower my bum and get my hind legs moving pretty quickly. Here is a video of me trotting after I’ve done the piaffe.

Ma Leueen says you have to see how expressive my trot is after Lynsey gives me a half halt when we are back onto the long side of the arena. Well , of course. I know what Lynsey wants when she gives me a half halt. I bring my shoulders up and fling my front legs out in front of me. I think It’s too bad Ma Leueen didn’t get more of that on the video but anyway…

Just in case you think I spend all my time Piaffing the next day Lynsey took me out with my friend Murphy to the forest. Here we are going up the driveway to the forest trails.

Ma Leueen also wants you to know that the Featured photo was taken years ago, by Connie Gee, but it’s the only one she could find in her archives that has me trotting. I have looked at the photo and I think it’s ok but now my trot is much better. Don’t you agree? Till next time Dear Humans.





8 responses to “Biasini Speaks: Look at my trot!”

  1. whippetwisdom Avatar

    Your trot looks really awesome here sweet Biasini, so nice to see how the Piaffe helps you to express yourself 🥕🥕 We wish you and Ma Leueen a peaceful rest of the weekend too 🤗🧡🐴 xxx

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      Thank you Xenia Human. You and Miaty have a nice end of week too.🐴

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  2. Lesley Avatar

    “Peeaff” Lol, yes I can understand why Ma doesn’t allow your spelling. It sounds like something we’d say in Glasgow, Scotland. 😀
    I saw the transition in your trot in the video and it was beautifully done. You go, Biasini!
    I enjoyed the film of you and your friend, Murphy. 🙂

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      Thank you Lesley Human! I’m so glad you enjoyed the videos. 🐴

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  3. Priti Avatar


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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      Thank you Priti Human 🐴


      1. Priti Avatar

        Welcome Anne human😁read my blog also.🐴🐴

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  4. susiesopinions Avatar

    You trott beautifully ❤️

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