How important are rewards?

Watching Lysney Rowan ride Biasini something struck me. She always lets Biasini know when he is doing something good. She will give him a pat or a rub on the withers or a word of encouragement a “good boy”. Here is a video that shows her asking for a collected canter. Biasini responds well and gives a very collected canter without pulling down or changing his frame. He carries himself through the transition. Lynsey gives him the reward of a break and a big pat with a loose rein.

The halt and reinback may seem to be so simple. But to execute it well is not so simple. Here you can see Lynsey asks Biasini to halt and then she adjusts him till she feels he is standing square then she asks for the rein back. The steps must be clear and there should not be any change in the frame. He must not open his mouth or fight with the bit or his head at all. Then they trot away.

The best reward comes at the end of the work session. Lynsey gives him a longer rein and encourages him to stretch his head down. This allows him to relax his neck and back as they trot with this stretching frame. This is the ultimate reward for Biasini at the end of his work.

Watching a rider as accomplished as Lynsey lets me see how well my horse can work for a good rider. And in this session I was reminded of the importance of rewards and to give them often. If Biasini needs a correction Lynsey gives it quickly and then gives a quick pat or a wither rub to reassure him. Rewards! We all need them. We all need to know when we are doing the right thing. Horses are no different.


10 responses to “How important are rewards?”

  1. Marliz Tel Avatar
    Marliz Tel

    Excellent! Regards Marliz

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  2. Rupali Avatar

    Yes, we need them too. A demonstrative post Anne.

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      Thank you Rupali!

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  3. J.W.S. Avatar

    We all work for pay day….whether it be in working dogs, dressage horses, or office employee.

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  4. SB Avatar

    nice post! Please checkout the latest horsie short story I have on Amazon.


  5. Lesley Avatar

    It must be nice for you to see him from a different perspective, Anne.

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      Yes it is. He looks so good! And every time I watch I learn something!

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  6. Paula Light Avatar

    Yes, we all need them! Good post 🤩

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      Thank you Paula!

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