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  • My Amazing Horse!

    My Amazing Horse!

    Today I had the pleasure of watching Lynsey Rowan have a lesson from Belinda Trussell on my horse Biasini. Of course I would like to be riding myself but to be honest watching is a great joy . The lesson started with canter work. What did I hear Belinda say most often? Ride with lots…

  • How important are rewards?

    How important are rewards?

    Watching Lysney Rowan ride Biasini something struck me. She always lets Biasini know when he is doing something good. She will give him a pat or a rub on the withers or a word of encouragement a “good boy”. Here is a video that shows her asking for a collected canter. Biasini responds well and…

  • Leg! Not ‘right-left’

    Leg! Not ‘right-left’

    What is “right-left”?

  • Letting Go! Lynsey Rowan rides Biasini.

    Letting Go! Lynsey Rowan rides Biasini.

    Self Carriage.!

  • The corner is your friend.

    The corner is your friend.

    What does it mean ‘ the corner is your friend’? When I was a teenager and riding in the jumpers my coach always said: “The corner is your friend” He meant that it was my chance to look ahead and get my horse prepared for whatever was coming next. Today I watched Lynsey Rowan have…

  • Here’s the Upside!

    Here’s the Upside!

    I know that I am off with my hip fracture and that is not great but today I got to watch Lynsey Rowan ride Biasini in a lesson with my coach Belinda Trussell. That is the upside of the injury to my hip. What a treat it is to watch a talented professional ride my…

  • The Sportscar Horse!

    The Sportscar Horse!

    Lynsey Rowan rode Biasini and I was so proud of him!