Festival of Leaves: Week 2

This year, for the Festival of Leaves 2022, I am taking up the suggestion of a fellow blogger to show the changes from one week to the next in photos of the same trees. So here are the trees on our road. The second photo is looking out across the neighbours corn field to the trees beyond at the back of our house.

A bit more color this week. We are forecast to have some almost freezing night temperatures and that will move the autumn colors along too. Tune in next week!
As the autumn goes on there will be more and more color in these trees. You can see one patch is a shockingly red color. That is how it looks.I don’t know why it is such a vibrant red so early.

This is my week 2 response to Dawn’s Festival of Leaves 2022.





13 responses to “Festival of Leaves: Week 2”

  1. Wind Kisses Avatar

    Love it. Trickling in….

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  2. Roadtirement Avatar

    A series of photos over time is always interesting to see. Nice plan, Anne.

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  3. Neal Saye Avatar

    I love the changes in the leaves. I wish we had more of that in Savannah.

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      It does mean winter is coming but the colors are so beautiful.

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  4. Dawn M. Miller Avatar

    I love that orange!

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  5. Alli Farkas Avatar

    We’re getting splotches of vibrant red among the greens here in Michigan too. No idea what’s up with those trees.

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  6. David Avatar

    It’s getting to be the colorful time of the year. We don’t get too much red and orange, but plenty of gold.

    For a moment, I read “Festival of Horses.” Deborah and Elizabeth rode a show long ago called, “Festival of Horses.”

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      Well there is the Global Dressage Festival in Wellington. They have all the CDIs .

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