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  • One Word Sunday:Light

    Chelsea ,London, the Royal Hospital. My response to Debbies One Word Sunday challenge Light.

  • Bird of the Week: red breasted woodpecker.

    Bird of the Week: red breasted woodpecker.

    We put out oranges cut in half for the Baltimore Orioles . But this week I saw a Red Breasted Woodpecker pecking happily at the oranges. The red-bellied woodpecker(Centurus carolinus) gets its name from a red patch on the lower abdomen but this is seldom visible in the field. According to the Audubon Field Guide…

  • Monday Portrait

    Monday Portrait

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  • Bird of the Week: Baltimore Oriole

    Bird of the Week: Baltimore Oriole

    Until recently the western populations of this bird ( the Bullocks Oriole)were thought to be a separate species for the eastern populations which were called “Baltimore Oriole” When trees were planted on the Great Plains the two forms extened their ranges and met . It was found they interbreed freely and most birds in the…

  • CFFC: Catching people unaware.

    CFFC: Catching people unaware.

    These photos are my response to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge From the top 1.the mounted band of HM Horse Guards, 2.Changing of the horse guards,3. Guard at side of the Mall for Trooping of the Color rehearsal,4.Me brushing Biasini’s tail at a show, Belinda Trussell watching one of her students compete at a show…

  • Monday Portraits

    Monday Portraits

    The Orioles are here and they love to eat oranges.They are just passing through and don’t stay with us all spring or summer. This past week we have had an influx of Blue Jays. They like to pick up dropped seeds from the ground. The also go up to one of the feeders. Sometimes we…

  • FOTD: Tulips

    FOTD: Tulips

    The tulips are out and since we have had a sudden warming up they may soon be over. So I thought I better get them up for Cee’s Flower of the Day.

  • Monday Portrait.

    Monday Portrait.

    This little black squirrel has picked up a seed that was dropped by the birds at the feeder above him The squirrels cannot get up the pole to the feeders, it is wrapped in metal, as you can see.

  • Spring Festival 2023 Week 7

    Spring Festival 2023 Week 7

    The Star Magnolia is one of my Spring favorites. Sadly after these photos were taken we had a week of cold wet weather and now the blossoms look somewhat sad. But that is how it’s been this spring. I submit these photos for Dawn’s Festival of Spring 2023

  • FOTD: A Survivor!

    FOTD: A Survivor!

    Yes ….it is just a dandelion. but look where it is growing…. in the gravel of a parking lot at the barn where my horse lives. This particular space was ground over by the snow plow time after time in the winter. This little dandelion did not survive over the winter but here it is…

  • Wordless Wednesday

    Wordless Wednesday

    Our neighbour took this photo and sent it to me saying she thought the pot of gold must be in our yard. I have not managed to find it yet.

  • Lens Artists Photo Challenge #247 Backlit.

    Lens Artists Photo Challenge #247 Backlit.

    This week Ann Christine of Leya has given the challenge of photos that are backlit. Her responses to the challenge are beautiful I will give a link to her post at the end of this post. All of my photos come from a 2019 tour of houses and buildings designed by English architect Sir John…