What a Treat!

I have never seen the Evening Grosbeaks here before.

FOTD The Painted Fern

I love my Japanese Painted Fern. It is always slow to get started in the spring so I mark the spot where it grows with a green stake which you can see in this photo.

A Walk in the Forest.Lens Artists Challenge #117

This week Amy has given us the challenge of a Photo Walk. Monday was a beautiful day for going on a walk and who better to go with than Biasini. Now I cannot sling a camera around my neck when I am riding a horse so all of these photos were taken with my phone.

Symmetry— Lens Artists Challenge #116

This week Patti had given us the word Symmetry for the Lens Artists Challenge #116. I have two photos for my response. Thank you Patti for this challenge. Next week the challenge will be given to us by Amy of The World is a Book.

F.O.T.D. White Clematis

You may remember, at the start of the summer, I posted a purple clematis for Cee’s FOTD challenge. I have another clematis that grows on the same wall and it is in bloom now! I have to admire how profuse the blossoms are and all summer long I have to keep trimming it or it…

Negative Space

When I saw that Amy has given us Negative Space as this week’s Lens Artists challenge I had to smile. I thought perhaps this could be a new phrase for the 6 foot distance we must keep away from other people due to Covid spread! But no, it is a reference to photographic space. Amy…

FOTD Red Hibiscus

I previously posted the pink Hibiscus and now here is our red one. HUGE flowers on this plant six to eight inches in diameter! Yesterday when I was leaving home I looked over at the hibiscus and I had to stop and take a photo with my phone. What an amazing display! They get regular…

Everyday bits and bridles.

This week the Lens Artists photo challenge comes to us from Patti and she has asked us to feature Everyday Objects. So here are some things that are everyday objects for me and my horse Biasini. First of all here is a photo of Biasini in his double bridle, so called because it has two…