Monday Minstrel: Quote; Sonke Rothenberger

“Of course I know my horse can do anything and beat anybody, but it is another thing to bring it in the show, in the ring, on the day you need it.”

Sonke Rothenberger

Equestrian is the only Olympic sport that involves a partnership of two different species; a prey animal and a predator human. How remarkable it is that these two species can achieve the partnership they do.

Horses are just like humans they can have fabulous days and not so fabulous days. They may or may not understand the importance of a competition on a certain day that has been designated by humans to be an important day.

Sonke Rothenberger has a tremendously talented horse Cosmo. But he understands that perfect communication and perfect results are not always achievable on any given day. Horses may have the fine tuning of a Ferrari but they are not machines. This attitude helps Cosmo to do his best for his rider.

Sonke Rothenberger and Cosmo at the World Equestrian Games 2018


11 responses to “Monday Minstrel: Quote; Sonke Rothenberger”

  1. ponyponyponyponyhorse Avatar

    That was very interesting

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      Thanks for stopping by.


  2. Alli Farkas Avatar

    I never know what horse I’m going to get, even though it’s the very same horse I get every time I go to a show. Probably gets a brain transplant between shows LOL!

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      In my experience with the horse I have now there is the “at home” horse and the “show ring horse”. Even in the warm up I can be lulled into thinking I have the at home horse and then BOOM the show ring horse, a very strong and something of a bully horse! I am hoping to be ready for that this weekend at my first Florida show of the year.

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  3. iScriblr Avatar

    Yes, so true!❤️

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  4. sandyjwhite Avatar

    Yes, so impossible to be “on” all the time. I think of that same kind of partnership when I watch dog shows…how incredible it is when handler and canine are in sync on a particular day and nail the competition.

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      I agree.Thanks for bringing in the working and competition dogs at well.


  5. dprastka Avatar

    Smart, AMAZING, and the absolute truth! ❤️

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  6. Megala Avatar

    This is really amazing to have such a partnership with another species!

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