Biasini Speaks: I’m not going and I’m cool with that!

Hello Dear Humans, Ma Leueen has told me that she put up a post about me getting a Vie Russ and she cancelled our plans to go to a show.  Well, I was disappointed ’cause I like to go to shows and show off my fabulous skills. I feel ok now but Ma Leueen has told me it is going to be hot, really hot, super hot this weekend so maybe this is a good one to miss. Don’t get me wrong Ma Leueen and I do ok in the heat. We show in the heat in  Florida and we’re ok.

There were lots of other horses from the barn that went to the show. I saw them all get onto the trailer.IMG_20180628_1545569 (2)

My friend Anton was going. He’s a super experienced show horse. He’s been to the Olympics and World Games and all that, so he’s always pretty chilled about going to a show. Then Roo Pert was going. He’s a bit younger so he was excited to go. Coach Belinda is going to show a mare called Bella.I don’t really know her cause she lives in the other part of the barn. And then there is that Rosa Red mare! She’s actually black and not red so no clue why she’s called “red”. Whatever…..

When I got sick they moved me down to the end of the barn where all the mares live. They put me in a stall that has a wall so I  wouldn’t sneeze and spread germs to the other horses. My usual stall has only bars between me and my friend Fluffy who is in the stall next to me. So here I am, down with the mares, and Rosa Red is opposite me. Well, she is notorious for nattering on all night long. She has to tell me about this and about that and about how well she did at the last show she went to  and blah, blah, blahdy, blah.  I’ll be glad when I can move back to my stall, with the other guys, and just chat with my friend Fluffy.

So I waved them all goodbye, wished them luck, told them to stay cool and save energy for when they are in the ring doing their tests. Ma Leueen and I went out for a nice walk through the forest after they left. So I’m OK with it.  I know, for a fact, that there will be another show and I’ll get my chance then.  Till next time Dear Humans…!




14 responses to “Biasini Speaks: I’m not going and I’m cool with that!”

  1. dinosaursdonkeysandms Avatar

    I’m glad your feeling better Biasini! And I hope you’re back next to your friend Fluffy soon. 🙂going for a walk in the forest sounds lovely. Xxx

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      Many thanks! I am going to be moved back to my friend Fluffy today! The forest walks are also nice and Ma Leueen always puts on a herbal fly deterrent so the nasty little flies stay away from me. She tells me that next week we will be starting back to our training work. Thank you for the nice comment and please say hello to Dizzy for me.

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  2. geekkat Avatar

    Keep the great attitude my friend 🙂

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      BIasini replies: “Thank you Geekat Human. I’m glad you like my attitude!”

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  3. laura bruno lilly Avatar

    Biasini: I am most impressed with the mature way you handled your situation! As always, your equine wisdom is out there as an example for us humans to ponder

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      Thank you Laura Human. I hope to let humans know we horses are not just ‘dumb’ animals. I appreciate your comment!🐴

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  4. fearlessinjesuschrist Avatar

    I love your attitude, dear friend!!

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      Thank you Fearless Human. Ma Leueen tells me your human name is Jo Ann but I would like to call you Fearless if that’s ok with you.

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  5. whippetwisdom Avatar

    Hope you continue to feel better and better dear Biasini and be back in your own stall next to your friend Fluffy again soon 🙂💖🥕 xxx

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      Thank you Whippet Human. I will be moving back to my friend Fluffy in the next day or two. Please say hello to Pearl and Eivor from me.

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      1. whippetwisdom Avatar

        Thank you dear Biasini, will do! :o) xxx

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  6. Jeff Rab Avatar

    Biasini, I bet the apple treats weren’t very sweet anyway, the stables were probably cold and I’m sure some of those trouble maker horses would have just kept you awake with their dramatic horse snores! Glad you’re feeling better! I suspect Ma Leueen is feeling a lot better now that you are!

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    1. anne leueen Avatar

      Thank you Jeff Human. You must know the show grounds they went to. In the winter they call the warm up ring the “icebox” . But we will be having temps of 100F this week end so my horse friends will be wishing it was an icebox! Ma Leueen is much happier. You are right!

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